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I made mine using 75% ww flour and 23% ap unbleached flour so they didn't look like the gorgeous muffins in Loula's photo. However they are wonderful in the mouth, rich in chocolate taste and a pure pleasure. They came out moist and light (inside, lol) I should also say that I was too lazy to grate the chocolate and used chocolate chunks. What a happy decision, a delicious muffin with big dark chocolate chunks. :D

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Annacia November 15, 2010

made these to take to a meeting were they were well received and declared to be very moorish and very chocolatie though some thought a little on the heavy dense side (they prefer a more cakey muffin). I got exactly 18 muffins (55 grams of mix in each patty case) and the DS was a little disappointed that there was not much left in the bowl for him to devour. Thank you Lalaloula, made for Make My Recipe.

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I'mPat August 19, 2012

These are a quick and delicious muffin to make. These definitely satisfy my chocolate cravings! I used the US measurements toggle and found I had to do some tweaking to get the quantities to result in a proper muffin consistency, but get there I did! Thanks, Lalaloula! Made for Veggie Recipe Swap 27, October 2010.

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mersaydees December 19, 2010

I am not going to add any stars because I made the muffins without the chopped chocolate and I found them to be dry - which is probably a direct link to the missing chocolate. The batter was very thick and I was tempted to add a bit more milk, but did not do this. I am not sure if it would have helped the texture. Given my results I would say that you defininitely need to add chocolate. I think sweetened coconut would also be a great addition.

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Deantini October 03, 2010

No hesitation about giving this one 5 stars! I made this just as written except substitued unsweetened soymilk. And I cut back on the butter by a smidge because I had a 1/4c already open so I just used that. (I think a full 75g would be about 1/3c.) I made 12 big muffins with this, but the batter would have easily made 18. Still baked up fine at 350 for 30 minutes. Oh and for the grated chocolate, I used chocolate chips. I guess I didn't follow everything *exactly* but my subs aren't anything too far out of the spirit of the original. Despite the cup of sugar, these aren't too sweet. Perfect in fact!

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Wish I Could Cook August 08, 2010

Gorgeous and delicious! I liked the addition of chocolate in it and the last step also sounds great,but just too many calories for me. DD spread some Nutella on her muffin. So guess who's the chocoholic in the family! Thanks for sharing Loula!

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littlemafia June 24, 2010

Definitely a great fix for the chocoholic in me! Followed the recipe right on down this first time, but might try adding raisins or dates another time, just for the 'halibut!' This is certainly a keeper recipe, as these muffins are a wonderful step above the ones we buy over the counter from time to time! Thanks for sharing your recipe! [Tagged & made as a recipe review reward in the PRMR Holiday Special]

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Sydney Mike December 20, 2009
Gorgeous Chocolate Muffins