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This is fantastic!! I used to make it a lot but lost my printed recipe for it! Thanks for posting!! I usually add a couple less chillies as I find it a little spicy depending on what chillies I buy sometimes.

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carok June 26, 2010

I'm sorry but I find Gordon's Malaysian chicken curry is not very Malaysian at all. I'm Malaysian and I've tried various styles of chicken curries in Malaysia. Please take note that we never ever use soy sauce, fish sauce and pepper in our curries! We also don't normally use fresh chillies to spice the curry. Instead, we use either dried chillies or chilli powder. We use fresh chillies mainly for garnishing. The Malays usually use curry powder in their curries even though some, esp the Indians prefer to make their own masala. And where are the curry leaves, the essential ingredients in Malaysian chicken curries? We don't usually use kaffir lime leaves in curries too, unless we make Malaysian nyonya chicken curry, rendang and asam pedas.

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tuhau May 17, 2013

Made this last night and was delighted with the result. Beautifully aromatic and fragrant with just the right amount of heat. I also parboiled some potatoes and added them half way through the cooking process. I also squeezed some fresh lime juice at the end for some extra zing. Will definately make again. Thanks

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Terese July 23, 2009

Lovely, Lovely Lovely! And I do not even like curry... Well I didn't... We went on a holiday for a week and I brought back 40 plus new spices as my gift to myself... to be honest I don't know what half of them are, I like a challenge, so looked up kaffir leaves on my beloved Recipezaar and voila! a new recipe to try out! This was so tasty, I had to use chicken breast as that is what I had defrosted and it was so succulent, it did cook a bit quicker than thighs would have so next time I will thicken the sauce a bit with corn starch. I served it with a Moroccan bean dish I made and it's mildness paired well with the curry. I love Gordon Ramsay's recipes and will use this again. Thank you for posting it.

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Marmie's April 25, 2009

Oh this was soooooo good. Made it about a month ago and as usual forgot to review it. Nicely balanced - fresh produce - will certainly make this again.

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MissMaggie March 16, 2009

Absolutely delicious! All fresh ingredients wizzed together to make the spice paste. Intense flavours and curry heat can be varied by lessening the chillies.

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MIlliewoo June 21, 2008

Oh my goodness this is fabulous. Outstanding and deserves more than 5 stars. Its a subtle curry with beautiful flavors. i did cut the heat in half bc i only had thai birds eye and they are very hot. Did the paste in my spice grinder, it tastes like it took hours of work but what a snap to put together. Made for Asia forum tag game

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MarraMamba January 14, 2008

I found this in his F-Word cookbook and decided to try it for a dinner party. I am aware that soy sauce isn't typically used in Mekong Delta cuisine in general (this seems to be a something that Western cooks like to do to up the saltiness - I've seen Bobby Flay do the same thing) and the other critics are right - he should probably label this dish Thai instead of Malaysian because it definitely tasted like the curries at my favorite Thai restaurants. That being said I found it delicious as did my guests and I never thought I could make such a tasty curry dish on my own.

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mvowensmartin January 04, 2016

Thank you Gordan Ramsay so much for this recipe. I no some are saying its deffenetly not Malaysian and taste more like thai but I don't really care my husband and three children could not get enough of it. They want me to make it once week. I added broccoli & carrot to the recipe and put fresh chilli & coriander on the side yummy??

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tamedhairbyrose September 10, 2015

Tried this recipe and it definitely was not Malaysian. It was alright but I will probably just stick to curry pastes when I make my curries in the future. I've been using the Dollee curry pastes and it hasn't disappointed me. It is a lot quicker to prepare as well! Cooked it once for my flatmates and received compliments all round the table. I don't think I'll be making my curries from scratch anymore.

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Lise MK March 26, 2014
Gordon Ramsay's Malaysian Chicken Curry