Goose (Or Duck) Rillettes

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 2 hrs 30 mins

Shredded goose (or duck) meat. This is a wonderful French staple, used as an appetizer, snack or lunch, and served on slices of crusty baguette or crackers. I use the carcass from a roast goose or duck after we've served it for a meal; it's a great way to make use of every last delicious morsel of the bird.

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  1. Break up the carcass and place it with the other parts and the cubed pork in a large pot with a cupful (or more, as necessary) of water. Add the seasonings, cover, and cook very slowly, stirring often, for at least 2 1/2 hours.
  2. When the meat separates easily from the bones and the liquid has almost evaporated, remove the bones and tear the meat into short strands with your fingers, mixing it well with the fat, skin and giblets. The texture should be coarse and with separate threads, rather than more homogenized like a pâté.
  3. Fill small baking or custard dishes with the mixture and any remaining liquid, leave it to cool, and then cover it with a layer of goose or duck fat. I use small containers which will each serve two to four people as an amuse-bouche before a meal. They can be frozen.


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jeeesus!! You make 'rillettes' and me stupid French self, I have never ever made any!! I have a 'foie gras making' week end planned with friends but, that's definite now, I'll plan a 'rillette making' one!!! I don't think I'll put pork though or I will... we'll see, 'foie gras' first, we must be thinking ahead and getting ready for next xmas!

lafrance January 30, 2010

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