Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

It has never been a written recipe, but this stuff is great!


  1. Beat all ingredients until smooth.
  2. Keep refrigerated.
  3. Great on toast, crackers dabbed on grilled steaks -- or placed inside baked potatoes!
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*WoW* This is so good! Ive never tried blue cheese before The ratio between the three is very good. We've tried goop on baked potatoes and steak, awesome! I have some left and cant wait to try on freshly baked bread. Thanks Katie for a unique taste experience.

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I printed this recipe out for a friend to make. She brought me in some to taste. Holy moly is this some tasty, rich, buttery, tangy stuff! I can't wait to make it myself. I can see it schmeered on french bread slices and broiled along with a nice glass of red. Oh yeah, I am SO waiting for that!

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This was a 1-2-3 hit wonder pick and WOW did I pick well! Katie, this is my new favorite spread for EVERYTHING! Thank You so much for posting it. My baked potatoes never tasted so good! Nick's Mom