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I can't believe how easy this was to make. I made this exactly as written using water and no oil. I divided this into three once it was made. The first third I left alone. The second third I added about 1/8 tsp of liquid smoke. To the last third I added about 3 Tsp of dried cranberries and a few whole almonds. I loved them all, but my favourite was the one with the liquid smoke. So yummy. Thanks for the recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada November 02, 2008

this sounds great! I really need to try this. does it actually taste like cheese though? :P probably a ridiculous question!

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Matteo. February 12, 2009

AWESOME!! :) Tagged for Healthy Choices Game... I was scared of this but when I finally tackled it after having "cheese block" {{ :) }} it was easy, quick and oh so good...really different and I was impressed by the "magic" of mock cheese making...now I am excited to try different add ins like nuts, herbs, spices and dried fruits...oh!!! ~~ I poured it into my silicone rose pan mold which was a fun presentation ( it looked neat!!! :) )...and I can imagine "molding" it with other tins and even cookie cutters too...lots of possibilities for creativity here...great with my dehydrated crackers , made a nice sammy on a biscuit too OH and we put it on a garden burger too...super yum!!!! a DOZEN STARS FOR THIS WINNER!!!!- Thanks Sharon!!!!!

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free-free October 30, 2008
Gooda Cheese(Vegan)