Good Potatoes

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Total Time
1hr 40mins
10 mins
1 hr 30 mins

This is a wonderful recipe that my favorite aunt made for us! This recipe is Yummy! It is very simple!

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  1. Mix all ingredients together except the cheese.
  2. Sprinkle the cheese on top.
  3. Bake 60-90 minutes at 325-350°F.
  4. Baking time is important.
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Holy Moly! Didn't have any parmesan so just topped with bread crumbs, still.... rich! Rich! Rich! Rich! Tasted sooooooooooooo good, but I fear for my arteries. ;) Definate addition to holiday fare! Thanks for the recipe!

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You are right, Beaner, this is super simple and easy and very tasty. Made it just like your aunty said, with one tiny substitution. I substituted 1 cup Fat Free 1/2 & 1/2 for the real stuff. It came out beautifully, and we really couldn't tell. Thanks for sharing this great family recipe. I will be making it again for sure! :-)