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This was really easy to make. Only problem was I had to buy frozen peaches because pipe peaches were not available, so I had to guess at the amount of peaches. I used 3 one pound bags and that my be too many peaches. Another thing I did was squeeze a fresh lemon for the lemon juice and ended up with more than 1 teaspoon of juice. So I decided to throw it all in. When I tasted the result of my work, I would have to warn you to watch out. Only eat this in a setting down position. It tasted so good that it made me weak in the knees, and the fall from a standing position could injure you. Enjoy everyone!!

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George Durst April 07, 2002

This is soooooo good. I was too impatient to try it. Couldn't wait for fresh peaches so I used 4 pounds of frozen peaches. Way too many. I did not use the lemon juice because the peaches were frozen. But, goodness, this is an excellent recipe. I baked it much much longer. Like 2 hours rather thank 45 minutes, but again, I believe I used too many peaches. It is a keeper. I will certainly have it again. Thanks Ms. Annie. UPDATE: I just have to rate this again. I made this, 1/2 the recipe, with fresh peaches this time. Excellent. I cannot praise this recipe enough. Gosh it is GREAT.

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BarbaraK June 17, 2002

Peaches flavored with cinnamon, ginger and vanilla - enhanced with lemon and sugar then poured over a batter sitting on a layer of melted butter. Pop it in the oven and --- send everyone else out or to their rooms. Grab a fork and start with a crunchy juice crusted area moving into a cake like section. Now dig down into the fruit and juice that has mixed with the batter and butter underneath to find biscuit soaked with juice. If there is anything left, hide it in the vegetable bin. The supermarket had frozen peaches on sale and I knew I could find some great recipes on Zaar. I was a bit low on sugar so I used dark brown for the peach mixture. Fortunately, I had some leftover heavy cream I could mix with skim milk to make "milk". I used 2 pounds of defrosted frozen peaches and it was done after 45 minutes. DH said he would just try a little because he was "full" ate 1/4 of the dish. So now I had to ration the rest - dinner, breakfast, lunch! Good thing it's so easy to make.

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Lorac July 14, 2002

I know Peach Cobbler and this is one scrumptious recipe! I used three packages of frozen peaches and the amount was just right. I did have to bake a bit longer to a lightly golden brown, but other than that I followed the directions exactly. So incredibly easy to do! The flavor was delectable! Thanks, Miss Annie, for one luscious new dessert recipe to add to permanent recipe book!

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Bev April 22, 2002

This was a lovely peach cobbler. I used frozen peaches (2 lbs) which I thawed prior to mixing up the filling (I still used the lemon juice even though they were frozen peaches). I had to bake mine for about 15 minutes extra possibly due to using frozen peaches. This cobbler is good-'n'-gooey not because of the sugar but because of the batter/butter/peaches. I do wish the cobbler had been sweeter, as I have a sweet tooth, but it had a nice flavor and a texture that melted in your mouth. I think next time I might try using 3/4 cup of sugar with my peaches to sweeten things up a bit. Thanks for sharing your recipe Miss Annie!

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Caryn April 20, 2002

I have tried a few different cobbler recipes lately and this one we loved! Absolutely delicious! I will be using it exclusively and plan to try it with cherries next.

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Thespian September 04, 2002

This recipe is aptly titled! It is so good. And so gooey. I used my homegrown frozen peaches, about 3 lbs. Let them thaw all the way before using. I left out the lemon juice, and added 1/4 cup sugar. The topping is very good, has a great texture. A keeper for sure! Thanks Miss Annie, for another great recipe!

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MizzNezz May 13, 2002

oooooooooooooh what a delight. The aroma in my apt. yuuuuuuuum, sent my neighbors running over and I had to share. Taking this to my next church dinner, they'll be in heaven.

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jan007 September 09, 2002

This recipee turned out great. My boyfriend kept making noises while he was eating it b/c he enjoyed it so much. I would add a bit more sugar as its not too sweet (especially if your peaches arent perfectly ripe). Its a keeper.

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sheri July 28, 2002

Wow. This recipe is very easy, but not fast. It took me a while to peel and slice the 14 peaches. However, it was well worth it. The combination of ingredients was spot on for me, not too sweet. The peach flavor really comes through, of course, it's the peak of peach season so that really helps. I will be making this again. It took an additional 20 minutes to bake mine but maybe my peaches were too juicy. I did add 1 tablespoon corn starch into the fruit as there was so much juice I was worried it would come out too soggy. I also sprinkled the top with turbinado sugar for the last 10 minutes just to give it that sparkly look.

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Nado2003 July 06, 2011
Good-'n'-Gooey Fresh Peach Cobbler