Good Grains Gf Sandwich Bread

READY IN: 1hr 23mins
Recipe by Sylvan Green

This is a GF bread that is delicious and soft. It makes great sandwiches and is more nutritious due to its whole grain flour mix. I kept on experimenting until I came up with a bread I liked.

Top Review by carolhartman

I am surprised this recipe has not been reviewed yet. It has a wonderful taste and texture and bakes up smelling like REAL bread. You can make sandwiches that do not fall apart, plus I like that it has nutritional value also. I had to sub almond meal for the ground cashews and due to the need for it to be dairy-free, I left out the dry buttermilk and used dairy-free yogart plus one tbsp. of milk substitue (almond or soy). I have tried numerous bread recipes and this one is the best so far. Thanks!

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  1. Grease a standard, single loaf pan with butter and set aside. Grind the Oats and the Cashews finely in a blender and dump into a medium bowl. Add all the rest of the dry ingredients and mix well with a wisk or a fork. Set aside. Take a smaller bowl and dump in all the wet ingredients, except the water. Beat everything well. Grab a mixing bowl large enough to hold everything or a stand mixer and combine the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients and add the warm water. Beat well for 3 minutes, scrape the sides once during the mixing. Scrape dough into the bread pan and lightly oil the surface of the bread with olive oil. Press down into the bread pan, making sure the dough reaches all the corners evenly. Cover oiled bread with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place for about 40 minutes or until it is one inch below the top of the bread pan. DO NOT LET IT RISE ABOVE THE BREAD PAN!. This will make it fall. Check it often if your kitchen is hot, to make sure it doesn't rise too high. 20 minutes into the rising of the bread, preheat your oven to 375 degrees. When the bread has risen to within an inch of the top, place it in the oven and bake for 53 minutes. After the bread has been in the oven for 20 minutes, cover the top with foil to make sure it doesn't brown too much. Remove Bread from oven when done and turn it out of it's pan onto a rack. Turn bread on it's side to cool. (this helps it to not sink as much.) Cool and slice for sandwiches. I slice and freeze it 4 slices at a time, wrapped in plastic wrap and put into a freezer bag. When I need bread I just grab a pack of it out of the freezer, let it defrost for 40 min and voila, fresh, GF bread!

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