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Great recipe! I will use often! I ended up using blackberries for strawberries and only 1 tsp sugar, and they were a crazy purple! Fun to eat, and not only that, very good. They were crispy and tasted of berries, especially when i hit the berry chunks (I didnt blend all the way so there were yummy pieces of blackberry i could munch through!) Not only were these hearty, they were healthy. I will definetly make these again... And i will definetly exparament with more berries! UPDATE: Made again with frozen raspberries with even better results. I did my wet ingrediants in my smoothie maker the night before, covered the cup, and refridgerated it overnight. I mixed the drys the night before too, and whisked the wets and drys together the next morning. NOTE that the whisk makes the waffles lighter. I'm going to next time try with some cornmeal in place of some white flour.

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I Can't Believe It's Healthy February 04, 2009

These were really good, and my baby and preschooler gobbled them up (with honey, of course). I used sugar and not sugar substitute, which ended up being fine.

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katie_elaine_brown January 14, 2009
Good for You Strawberry Waffles