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Alton Brown's Good Eats Roast Turkey recipe and technique is the defacto method for preparing turkey for our Thanksgiving celebration weekend since 2008. We hadn't made turkey in the past because neither my husband nor I were fans of the bird. We clearly remembered Turkeys-past from our childhood, and the one personal attempt at preparing turkey, which were flavorless, undercooked dark meat, overcooked white meat, etc.
Our children insisted that they wanted turkey on the menu in 2008, and we decided to give it a try. We searched through several online recipe collections and cookbooks before settling on this recipe.
I think one of the secrets to our success has been the fact that we purchased a FRESH, organic, free-range turkey from a local Amish community farm, and used the freshest ingredients we could find to prepare the brining solution. We are converts, and ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO REGRETS; this is the best recipe and technique for turkey.

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007_Bondlady November 11, 2010

I used this recipe last year, and realized I never got around to reviewing it. I will say first that the procedure was great. It produced a perfect, moist turkey with crispy skin, and meat that stayed juicy even when used for leftovers. However, that being said, I really didn't like the flavor. The taste of allspice and cinnamon came through, and it just didn't seem to go well. Turkey tasting like allspice just didn't feel or taste right, and it was also a bit of overkill with the sweet side dishes like sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc. There wasn't enough contrast, and traditional gravy didn't even seem to go all that great with it. I do plan to brine again, and again, and again. But this time I will look for a different blend of herbs and aromatics that would be more savory and not include the sweeter spices like allspice and cinnamon.

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Charmed November 01, 2011

I have been using Alton's recipe for 6 yrs now and everyone always wants to make sure I'm "cookin the turkey just like last year"!! I follow the directions to the letter and every year we get a delicious bird. Brining is the only way to go for a moist turkey!! And don't be afraid of cooking at 500 degrees for the first 30 min. You won't be sorry!!!

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Niteflyer November 20, 2012

LOVE THIS RECIPE! I've used this recipe a few times for Thanksgiving dinner. Being relatively new to making Thanksgiving feasts, this recipe results in the tastiest turkey without being too complicated. Just make sure you give yourself enough time for the bringing process. If you don't have enough room to refrigerate & you live in an area that's cool enough - put it in a cooler outside. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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towers82 November 09, 2010

Yummy flavor & super moist!! We just roasted a 12 pound turkey in just over an hour! After a quick turkey & watercress sandwich to test it, we cut it into quarters, sealed it up with the FoodSaver and froze the packages of delectible turkey tidbits for quick dinners.

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The Rabbit May 02, 2010

I was very nervous about making this turkey since I'm not really much of a cook. I'm still a novice but I really wanted to make something extra special for my hubby and parents. The turkey was very moist. My father, a very picky person, was very pleased with the turkey. I don't think I'll ever use another recipe for Thanksgiving.

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krnwife December 27, 2009

I have made this several times and everyone raves about how good it is!

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angrober1 December 22, 2009

Awesome!!!! I can't believe how incredibly moist it was. All my dinner guests raved about it! Every year I try a new turkey recipe because I am never satisfied...but after 11 Thanksgivings and 11 different turkey recipes, my search is over! I will be making this turkey from now on. I followed the recipe exactly but substituted ground allspice for the berries and used a home depot 5 gallon bucket to brine my 17 lb turkey in. Then I set the bucket in an ice chest filled 1/2 way full with ice. It was easy and so incredibly flavorful!

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aysesch November 27, 2009

I used a modified version of this recipe and it was fantastic! I added beer to the brine, and made a roasted garlic herb butter to rub under and on the skin of the bird. I followed the roasting instructions and it got done earlier than planned, but was still amazingly moist after an hour and a half of resting under tinfoil. My family was impressed, this is my official Thanksgiving bird recipe!

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yourfoxiness December 21, 2008

Our first time brining and defintely not our last. We followed the recipe but had to substitute candied ginger for fresh grated ginger and allspice berries to allspice power. We had a 20lb turkey and brined in a cooler for 7 hours turning half way through. We then dried it off and left it overnight in the fridge to air dry which produced a very crispy skin. It came out of the oven after 3 3/4 hours and was tented for 1/2 hour. The breast was amazing it was so moist, the legs were cooked but it wasn't quite done. There was some pink in the juices so I'll cook it longer next time. I can't wait to try it again at Christmas. Thanks for posting this recipe Gay it's the best.

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Brit in Texas November 24, 2007
Good Eats Roast Turkey