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I usually just throw my stock together and it usually works well. I was feeling a bit brain dead today so went of in search of a recipe to jog the brain for ingredients. This stock is wonderfully simple with a good balance of chicken and veg etc. The garlic is an excellent addition giving another level of flavour. I made this stock to freeze and as usual, reduced it way, way down to a quater the liquid you thought I'd end up with. This saves heaps of freezer space. I'll add in more water when I use it in the future.

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JustJanS June 04, 2009

Good stock! I made this as directed but didn't count out the peppercorns, lol. It smelled great and filled the kitchen with a great aroma while it was simmering away. The taste was rich and it I'm using it as a base for a chicken noodle soup today. Thanks 2Bleu. Made for Photo Tag.

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lazyme October 13, 2008

This is so good! I made it yesterday and tasted it today after removing the solidified surface fat. I can't wait to made soup now! I followed the recipe almost as written. The store didn't have any leeks (you'd never guess that I live in a large city with how regularly ordinary ingredients are unavailable). To compensate I used a very large sweet onion in place of the leek and onion. I loved the aroma of the herb infused stock bubbling away on the stove. The cooling down method is inspirational. So much safer than allowing it to sit on top of the stove until it cools down or placing it in the fridge while still hot. Thanks for sharing.

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Dreamer in Ontario October 07, 2008

It was my first time making homemade chicken stock, and now I understand why chefs always talk about the importance of using it whenever possible. It tasted thousand times better than the most expensive organic/free range stock available in stores (I've tried many). Thank you.

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Katanashrp March 31, 2011

This recipe renders a delicious and versatile stock. I usually portion the finished product into soup size batches and freeze them. We use this stock as a base for chowders, veggie soups, chicken soup, ham and navy bean soup, etc. There is no salt in this recipe, so I have great control of the sodium level and flavor of my soups. You can't miss with this stock recipe, and it fills your home with wonderful aromas.

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Desert Mojo February 05, 2011
Good Eats Chicken Stock (From Alton Brown)