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is this recipe from Anna Olson(from the cooking show Sugar)... i just made this recipe yesterday... they are really good though, especially the crust

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Chef_Vanessa February 10, 2008

These were decadent, simple, and oozing goodness. I fed them to a group of 13 yr old girls...let me tell ya, I'm glad I snuck a few pieces beforehand, because there was not a crumb left and the girls mentioned quite a few times how much they liked them. A warning though, they are *sweet*. It tastes like a coconut-raisin butter tart with a brown sugar shortbread crust, if there even is such a thing. I made a few changes based on what I had on hand- used thompson raisins and sweetened shredded coconut. I baked in a disposable 8" pan so I could toss the pan later on. Oh, and I cheated and used quick oats, but the crust was still delish. The base was great, the inside, gooey and sticky, and the top had a nice, firm crust. My only complaint is in presentation- it's hard to cut these without making a mess of the top crust, and they are sticky, which makes things more complicated. But aside from that, a lovely, sweet treat! Definitely will be made again around here, and next time I'll try the exact proper ingredients.

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Len23 May 03, 2006
Golden Raisin-Coconut Oat Bars