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This was a remarkably rich and creamy risotto. I wasn't sure on cooking time; mine took about 35 minutes. My version was not vegan since I added some parm at the end and used chick stock instead of veggie. I also subbed leeks for onion because had some extra in fridge. Really, really nice risotto. Also, did not use the yeast flakes...never heard of them. Have to say didn't miss them at all.

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Vicki in CT November 09, 2009

This was incredible! The directions appear lengthy but it really wasn't difficult to make. The nutritional yeast is the real star here so don't omit it if you don't have to! My first risotto came out excellent.

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EmilyStrikesAgain May 16, 2011

This is an absolutely heavenly combination of some of my favorite things. It's definitely healthy comfort food. I made it as directed, using the optional saffron and peas, but leaving out the optional white wine and dill. It was well worth the effort. I'm definitely looking forward to making it again. Made for Veg*an Swap, June 2010

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Prose June 23, 2010

No chance of getting to day 2 or 3 to let the flavours improve - darn! The pot is literally empty. Very nice risotto - the first vegan version I've ever attempted myself. It has just the right amount of "nooch" in it, I was a little worried it might over power and not appeal to those not so into that flavour....but no worries, it mellowed nicely. I made as written except for one rather big sub, I used short grain brown rice instead of arborio. I actually went to buy some arborio and they were out, so I decided to sub. It works fine (have done it before), obviously not as creamy and tender and it takes a lonnnnng time, but it does work out if you give it long enough. The only thing I wish I had done differently is to let the mushrooms brown up a little more before starting with the rice/broth. Thanks JB, the whole family enjoyed this!

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magpie diner May 31, 2010

Amazing. Made it for New Year's Eve. Substituted risotto for Farro was excellent. Friends raved about it.

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Cheryl S. January 02, 2014
Golden Mushroom, Pea, and Asparagus Risotto (Vegan)