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Cake turned out perfectly. However, I do not see what people think is so great. It's a good cake, but not as great as all the special ingredients would indicate it should be. I make other cakes that are far better. I wouldn't make it again.

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sepayne99 April 24, 2011

I have the cake bible, and this is one of my favorite recipes. There was way too much Grand Marnier originally listed to coat the chocolate chips - that may be why the one reader's cake fell apart! I have never had a problem with putting it out onto the rack after 10 minutes, and if you wait too much longer, the glaze won't absorb. I edited the recipe to fix it back to the original quantities. Hope this helps!

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leighroberson February 26, 2010

This cake gets a rave -- and that's without the glaze. The instructions are excellent and I'm glad I followed them exactly. At first, I thought the batter was going to be too stiff, but I soldiered on and the result is a splendid light batter, and the treatment of the chocolate insures that the chips are evenly dispursed throughout. I made this in a small bundt pan and in a mini bundt pan --result: a beautiful little bundt cake and twelve perfect roses. The batter was so good and the aroma of the baking so wonderful that I decided to forego the glaze. No one missed it -- this is a very moist and delicious cake. Just one note: I used enough of the Grand Marnier to moisten the chocolate and added the balance of the three tablespoons of liqueur to the egg mixture. So glad you posted this, Redsie!

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Chef Kate November 16, 2007

Extremely delicious and moist, with a strong Grand Marnier flavor. I had some technical difficulties with step #6 where it says "cool in the pan for 10 minutes, then invert onto a serving plate" - my cake was still very hot and fell apart :-( Next time I'll leave it in the pan for at least 30 minutes until it was completely cooled, then brush on the syrup.

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FLKeysJen September 09, 2007
Golden Grand Marnier Cake