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Excellent plum pie recipe! I used a big tin of plums [825g] in syrup which worked out about right in amoun once the juice had been drained. However you could double the amount of plums easily. Big hit with the family :-D!

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Missy Wombat March 13, 2004

Wow, I'd been thinking about posting this because I have the exact same recipe in this cookbook (The Best-Ever Pastry Cookbook), but I'm glad I didn't because here it is! This is a lovely pie- not too sweet with nice fruity flavor. The crust is a tad dry, but the plums are so juicy that it makes up for it. Much easier than it looks and quite tasty. Just watch out and be sure you cover it *tightly*- fruit flies LOVE it.

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Roosie August 17, 2005
Golden Crumble Plum Pie