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Top notch cake!! I made it to take to my sister-in-laws for mother's day. As I had a bigger (24cm) cake tin, I made double the batter, then made some little apple cakes witn the little bit left over. When you test with the skewer, make sure you put it all the way in. I had to re-submit mine, because it wasn't ready when it looked ready. (My fault - no yours!) Still turned out beautifully! Thankyou!

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Juliet from SA May 10, 2009

Great tasting cake !! Followed the recipe to a tee. Will make again. Made for Recipe Swap #44.

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weekend cooker October 01, 2010

It took us two tries to get this right. The first try was a comedy of errors. DD15 stopped the timer to microwave a burrito, so the cake was overcooked and dry, and the pineapple stayed in the pan. The second time we lined the pan with parchment and watched the timer, and got a rich, delicious cake. Both times we noted that the batter is too thick to "pour" -- we "spread" it over the pineapple with a spatula and had to be very careful with the cherries. Great with whipped topping! Made for OZ/NZ swap May 2008.

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Lavender Lynn May 26, 2008

I made this cake for my birthday today & to share with my work colleagues. Great taste & easy to make. I've always wanted to try this cake (remember seeing it as a kid) & was so happy to find a recipe. The toffee coating on top is very lush. The only thing to be aware of is that you should remove the cake from the tin as soon as taking it out of the oven, otherwise you don't get all the toffee & some of the fruit may stick. Thanks **Jubes** for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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Heydarl June 05, 2007

Let me admit it, I made this cake and totally forgot to add the egg in. It wasn't until I had the cake baked, inverted on the plate and began to clean up that I saw the egg still sitting on the counter. My family is still teasing me about it. I can honestly say it didn't affect the taste of the cake at all. It had a wonderful flavor that we really enjoyed. The only problem was with the texture, just slightly gooey. This is going in my permanent recipe book with a big bold reminder to myself not to forget the egg in the future. Delicious recipe, Jubes. Thanks for sharing it!

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Dreamgoddess May 30, 2007

Oh so yummy!!! I made this using pineapple tidbits, as "best if used by date" on the can was 2 years ago for the rings, lol!! I found I really liked using the tid bits as you get pineapple in every bite!! I used the wrong pan, so it stuck in the center when flipping, not the fault of the recipe, but it still tastes amazing!! Thanks for sharing your recipe. Made for ZWT 7.

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diner524 June 19, 2011
" Golden Circle " - Pineapple Upside-Down Cake