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A few tips- I haven't made this particular spring roll recipe, but have made others- The rice paper is easier to manage if you have a slightly wet paper towel on your work surface. This helps keep it from sticking and/or tearing- If you need to prep these ahead of time or have left overs, you can store them in the fridge in an air tight container. Mine didn't get hard, but I also soaked the rice paper for 40 seconds each and they were not too soggy.The trick for storing them is not to let them touch, because they will stick together- Also wet enough paper towel (squeeze out excess water) to line the container beneath the rolls, and lay some across the tops. I had made a few too many but they were still just as good two days later and hubby even took some to work for lunch. I hope someone finds this helpful!

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Allison 333 May 13, 2010

What can I say, but fabulous? This is one of my favorite things to order in Asian restaurants, but the homemade version gave me such satisfaction! hehe! The dipping sauces are essential in my opinion...but this recipe is a definate keeper! Thanks HeatherFeather!

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canarygirl March 23, 2003

Great recipe. I added some shredded carrot, but everything else was the same. I used both dips and enjoyed both. I did put a damp paper towel down on the counter so they didn't stick, but they rolled up very easily. The key is to make sure everything in thin cut and small so it rolls easier. Perfect recipe, light healthy and easy, Thx, I will absolutely be making these again.

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SarasotaCook September 09, 2010

I have always loved spring rolls whenever I go to vietnamese restaurants....This recipe taste exactly like what they serve in the restaurants! Plus they are low fat and easy to make (once you maste the folding process).

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MsYummy March 04, 2003

Spring rolls with fish sauce, are very easy to make, and they are one of my favorite Vietnamese foods. My friend Lien showed me how to make these.

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suzy10 June 03, 2002

WOWOWOWOWOW. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to post this. They were absolutely delicious and the best part was that I could add extra of my favorite ingredients (like cilantro) to tailor it to my taste. We added shrimp to our's and loved the flavor. I can't say enough about how EASY and awesome the results were. Instead of the Hoison sauce though, I copied a sauce at a local Thai restaurant. I added sweet chili sauce, chopped peanuts, peanut oil or a little peanut butter, and sriracha. Thank you!

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MissMia November 01, 2011

My family LOVES vietnamese spring rolls and these were just as good as the restaurants. We used shrimp only, easy on the cilantro and mint and no sprouts. Bought a bottled dipping sauce for time sake. Fantastic and consumed, thanks!!

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niki_bouvier May 24, 2010

Incredible! I didn't use chicken, but added carrots and green onions. These are really hard to wrap, but after doing a few I got the hang of it. These tasted just like the spring rolls at my favorite Thai restaurant. Thanks for the amazing recipe!

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Jaudon May 15, 2012

I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE spring rolls... i was a bit scared to try these at home, but they turned out great!!! i left out the mint and cilantro because to me mint is soooooo strong that i cannot taste anything else... what i put in is, mango, lettuce, pineapple, cucumber, green pepper, carrots, bean sprouts, vermicelli noddles, cooked chicken and peanuts... it was delicious, not the exact same as when i order at the restaurant but still just as fun and good..

what i found helpful for the rolling process was to put your piece of lettuce (i used romaine lettuce) cut into the length of desired spring roll (about 1 inch gap on each side).

Stuff your spring roll as desired on top of the lettuce and then tuck in one side of the rice paper underneath the lettuce and then roll it a bit, tuck in the sides and then finish rolling letting the spring roll sit on top of the seam to make sure it doesn't spring on ya!

good luck every one and happy eating!!!

i just wish i could manage to make the peanut sauce i'm used to eating them with at my fav restaurant....:( next time i go i'm bringing some home for sure!!!!lol

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cassper14 January 06, 2011

these were just as good as you order in the restaurant. I can say that I'll be making these again.

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GF BooBoo August 31, 2010
Goi Cuon (Vietnamese Cold Spring Rolls)