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OOOOHH, Thank you for posting this. It was just what I needed. I was able to make it up right away since I have all the ingredients in my herb chest. I now have some always made up in a canister.

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Amis May 31, 2005

excellent, i couldn't find licorice root, except in pill form. So, I used dried ingredients and added some strawberry leaves since those also have pms healing powers. I loved the flavors of this tea and will be keeping some on hand in the future. Thanks!

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Pepper Monkey September 25, 2004

This is a lovely herbal tea! I bought all organic herbs from the health food coop and I am completely delighted with the results- delicious! I don't know if this is effective or no in battling PMS or menopause symptoms, but I can tell you its very nice to drink. I realized after I got home from the store that the powdered ginger I have would not work for this recipe and I should have bought those dried ginger chunks, so I followed the advice of the recipe and used a slice of fresh. Terrific complex flavor- I have never tasted a packaged tea with this many levels of complexity. The chamomile and raspberry leaves are not surprisingly dominent, but the rose petals add a lovely bit of floral, the licorice root woody sweetness (although, unlike Rita, I did find I wanted a couple droplets of honey), and the ginger and rosemary their own rich tangy flavors. Lovely tea- I am glad I have a container full! I think this is going to be my new tea to sip just before bed. Lovely! Thanks for posting.

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Roosie September 03, 2004

I really enjoyed this comforting tea. I used tea bags from Alvita it`s 100%dried raspberry leaves, dried camomile, fresh rosemary and rose petals from the garden. Becareful of the roses you use make sure there`s no pesticides. I would use rose water if you can`t get rose petals. The licorice root sweetened this enough not to use honey. Thanks CookbookCarrie!

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Rita~ August 26, 2004
Goddess Tea for Pms or Menopause Symptoms