Gnocchi With Spicy Tomato & Wine

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Total Time
5 mins
45 mins

This recipe is espectacular. But the only thing is YOU HAVE TO FINISHED DE SAME DAY AS YOU COOKED. YUMMMMMMMMM

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  1. In large skillet heat olive oil in medium hi and saute garlic and chilli flakes until golden brown (do not burned).
  2. Add wine and chicken broth and simmer reduce to half (10 minutes).
  3. Add tomatoes and simmer 30 minutes.
  4. Add butter (cut in 1" cubes and parmesan cheese, salt & pepper.
  5. PUREE IN YOUR BLENDER HALF OF THE SAUCE and combine with the rest of the salsa.
  6. Cook gnocchi accaording to package directions and mix with the salsa.
  7. Serve gnocchi topped with parmesan cheese on top and basil. (SERVE INMEDIATELY).
  8. TIPS:.
  9. Add cream to sauce to add richeness OR.
  10. Add vegetables of choice to sauce OR.
  11. Add saute chicken strips to sauce.