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FANTASTIC!!! This recipe made enough for the gnocchi soup I made, and enough to freeze for later. I don't have a potatoe ricer, so I just mashed them with my potatoe masher. They turned out great!

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Flowers and Pearls October 12, 2009

Excellent recipe! Once you've tasted homemade, you never go back!

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Gollie November 22, 2011

Good recipe. The directions might seem intense but well worth it! I doubled it and froze half. Thanks!

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chef_d'oeuvre December 23, 2009

This was an excellent recipe! My husband was craving Gnocchi. I bought some at a very good grocery store locally and made this recipe. I wanted to see which was better. While I didn't have a potato ricer, I used my kitchen aid meat grinder and used the small holes disk. It worked just as well. This was very easy to make, the instructions are very clear and it didn't really take that much time. I did steam my potatoes though - that was a good choice to me. Boiling adds water content which I didn't want, baking just took too long and heating a whole oven for a few potatoes didn't make a lot of sense to me. The results were a light tasty gnocchi. The winner? Mine. The store bought one, while fresh, was dense, less tasty and chewier. I will make gnocchi again and would not hesitate to use this recipe.

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lwalker1965 August 15, 2009

I decided one hot summer night to make gnocchi. Call me crazy. This recipe produced a light, fluffy gnocchi, and I didn't even use a ricer. While the directions look daunting, they provide a precise way to proceed. If you've never worked with any kind of dough, I would think this might be a bit overwhelming, but the ingredients are simple (and we all have them around the house), and if all else fails, you could just roll the dough in mini-dumplings and toss them into boiling water. I thought these were delicious, and the process was meditative. Really worth it. Packaged gnocchi taste like paste to me. I'll freeze the balance of what I didn't eat for another meal. Served this with a dollop of butter , salt and pepper, and a couple of table spoons of a homemade tomato sauce. Yum.

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Kirby August 07, 2007

This may look complicated and yes it did take a while - but the result was great - and the gnocchi tasted lovely! Plus the directions are so comprehensive - v useful to know when to freeze etc. thanks. Mmmmmm, Gnocchi!

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Misslazy February 08, 2006