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While this bread smelled great - almost like the real thing, it did not rise all that well. In fact it flattened out some in the oven. I used the cornflour but perhaps I should have used the potato starch. Also I found that the batter was extremely thick and not runny. I even added more milk, but still it was too thick. Obviously I did something wrong. Perhaps I'll try again if I can figure out what went wrong.

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mrykoller April 21, 2009

Since we have several people with celiac disease in our congregation, I made this for Eucharist this Sunday. While it rose nicely and had a pleasant flavour, it was VERY crumbly. I'm not sure what corn flour is when a recipe already calls for maize flour. I used cornstarch after doing some research on the web. Next time I will try it with potato starch(second amount). Thanks for posting and I will defintely try it again.

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baroth2 September 15, 2008
Gluten-Free White Bread - Almost Supermarket Style!