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We are not gluten free but I am aquiring a few recipes. Anything I come across, we try at home first. These were well worth the extra preparation. I ground the rice and tapioca myself and soaked them overnight in homemade buttermilk for a lemony flavour. I added vanilla extract and almond meal for depth. I admit that I was very wary but they came out so light and crispy! My entire family gave this a passing score without knowing they were gluten free. That says a lot since most times the complaints for the gluten free dishes are that "it is missing something"... This one IS a keeper!!!

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Fyre Rayne March 31, 2014

My wife chose to go gluten-free a couple of years ago for personal preferences, rather than a true allergy...it's more of an intolerance for her and it was a dietary choice to try and reduce a lot of the "gluten syndrome" symptoms that kept plaguing her. I, by proxy, have reduced a lot of the gluten in my life just because it's easier to make certain dishes gf than make two different recipes, and it has been a challenge for her to find things that I will eat too.<br/><br/>We had found a waffle recipe awhile back, but it was really a pre-mix commercially available product, and while it was good, there still wasn't any control over individual ingredients, and it wasn't organic...another dietary choice that we have decided to implement just for personal reasons.<br/><br/>This waffle recipe is just out of this world!!! We happened to have every single ingredient listed and decided to try it last night when we got a spur-of-the-moment waffle craving, and were we surprised. They are light, fluffy, yet crispy at the same time and that off-taste or off-texture feeling that a lot of gf recipes seem to have, just wasn't there. THEY WERE DELICIOUS!! And the texture was PERFECT!! We couldn't be happier, and now my wife is thinking about experimenting a little to tailor the recipe to make sandwich bread for some of her recipes that she just hasn't been able to find the right texture/taste for, so she's looking forward to that.<br/><br/>Thank you so much, E Bennet, for providing this recipe that has made us able to enjoy one of our favorite breakfast treats again.

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Mike G. February 28, 2014

Incredible waffles! I wish I had this recipe when I first went wheat-free a couple of years ago. Crisp on the outside, fluffy and tender inside, I don't know if any wheat waffles could be better! They are very versatile too. I avoid dairy and eggs, so I used rice milk mixed with lemon juice for the buttermilk and just omitted the eggs altogether. The dairy and eggs weren't missed at all. I didn't even need egg substitute, although next time I might try using the EnerG egg replacer, like another reviewer suggested. I can see me making this recipe every weekend too!

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Delicious as it Looks February 21, 2014

I don't get it! I don't get it!<br/>I have been making these waffles for a long time and I have always whipped the egg whites until it's foamy and folded it in. I don't know why I would have done that instead of following the instructions, but what a big mistake. Tonight, I finally followed the instructions and just hand whipped all the ingredients together and the waffles were beautiful.<br/><br/>For oil, I use coconut oil. For milk, I use coconut milk and added 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the recipe. It's delicious. <br/>They freeze wonderfully. I double the recipe and make about 8 all together. I make 4 plain ones and 4 chocolate ones by adding cocoa powder.

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Vivian C. February 06, 2014

Can't believe we found such a great recipe! I didn't have tapioca flour so substituted Buckwheat flour, doubled the sugar and added 1 t of vanilla and these were wonderful!

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sasendme January 19, 2014

Excellent recipe. I did however use oat flour instead of tapioca flour just because I didn't have tapioca flour on hand. I also added 1/2 tsp xanthum gum (although not sure if that would make any difference) and I added a hint of cinnamon to the batter. They turned out excellent and tasted great!

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tigrr_n_me December 30, 2013

Love this recipe for waffles! I don't use dairy so I substitute coconut milk for the buttermilk and the waffles are crispy and golden brown. I also don't add sugar but add 1 tsp vanilla and again they taste amazing. My whole family eats them and loves them and I'm the only one that needs gluten free!

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T P. December 10, 2013

Very nice waffle recipe. The nutritional data is off though. There are roughly 1,800 calories in the whole batch. Each batch yields about 12 waffles, in my maker which is on the smaller side, so that's about 150 calories per waffle. For those of us that are counting :)

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Molly P. November 01, 2013

Loved this recipe! Kids did too. I was lazy to get my waffle iron out so prepared as pancakes. I used a can of coconut milk and some coconut flour in lieu of the potato starch. So delicious!!

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Chef Beej3 October 10, 2013

These turned out great! Very similar to the 'regular' waffles I made for rest of my family. Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe.

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cookershell August 25, 2013
Gluten Free Waffles