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This is a great recipe. I served it to friends who eat everything without dairy restrictions and they did not realize it was a very modified cookie.

I used agave syrup instead of maple syrup.
For flours I used a combination of millet, amaranth and buckwheat flours.
Instead of apple butter - which we do not get in Switzerland, I used 1 blended raw apple.
I added dried raisins and dried cranberries.

Thanks for the great idea - I wanted a "treat" from my very restricted dining for a dinner party.

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Swissgirl December 06, 2010

Added 1.5 cups of a flour mixture of rice flour, tapioca flour and GF white flour. Also I will eliminate the almond extract in future as it made them taste weird. I also added the xanthan gum. Very nice cookies. I got 36 cookies and froze them in bags of 6! Yummy.

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the_sixth_finger February 03, 2009

I had to add lots more gf flour and a bit of xanthan gum otherwise these were great! I will try them again. Thanks!

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sherriballard79 December 05, 2008

yummy. I used honey, all purpose gf flour. I might add a tad of Xanthan next time. We put cashews, currants and coconut in. They did end up puffy rather than thin and crispy even though I used melted coconut oil. Definitely a keeper!<br/><br/>I still haven't got the crispy and chewy not the soft and puffy texture. I love the taste, but the consistency is more like granola than a cookie. Any ideas? I use flax seed instead of egg sub. Could that be the problem? I've tried Xantham gum.

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jcrozier July 27, 2013
Gluten Free Vegan Sugar Free Oatmeal Cookies