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I'm not quite sure how to rate this. I made these using white rice flour instead of the corn flour and 10 oz. of water instead of 12 oz. They turned out pretty good, but like other posters have said, they are a bit eggy - and I'm not sure they make a great tortilla so much as more of a crepe. My kids and I agreed that if they were a bit thicker they would make a good gluten free pancake! Having said all that, when I set out to make these I wasn't looking for a tortilla or a crepe/pancake, I was looking for something I could use as a pizza crust, becasue I didn't have any xanthan or guar gum. So, I made one of these a bit thicker than the others and then topped it with barbeque sauce on one half, and thai almond sauce on the other half. Then, I added my toppings and baked it for about 15-20 min. at 425. It actually turned out pretty good! The bottom was a bit soggy, but I think I could rememdy that by putting it on a baking stone next time (instead of a metal pan). In the end, I guess I am happy to have gotten some semblence of pizza! But, I'm still not quite sure how to rate these! UPDATE #1: I tried again tonight with a thinner left over wrap from two nights before. I still couldn't get the wet texture of the wrap to leave my pan and jump onto my hot baking stone by the time I had all of the toppings on it. But, this time I only had the normal thinner wraps (instead of the thicker one I made specifically to make a pizza the first time), and baked it on a metal pan on the bottom rack in the oven and the outer 2/3 actually started to firm up and turn a bit crisp. I think I might be on to something.... UPDATE #2: I made a half of the recipe again tonight, using 1/4 tsp. garlic granules, and only using about 4 oz. water (still using rice flour instead of corn flour). I ended up spreading the batter onto a hot pan so it was 1/8"+ thick. I cooked it until it was golen brown on both sides. Then, I let it cool and topped it with pizza sauce and toppings, and picked it up, and put it onto a hot (450) pizza stone. I let it cook 10-15 min. and it turned out fairly crunchy around the outside, and fairly substantial in the middle. It still isn't your typical 'bread' crust, but if you like a thin crust, crispy pizza, this just might be for you!

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Cookin'-4-5 May 05, 2009

This was a really good recipe! Nice for soemthing different for lunch. I found I needed to microwave them for a few seconds before using them just to warm them enough so they didn't break when I rolled them. Really nice flavour and good for sweet or savoury filling. Thanks for the recipe!

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katattack November 20, 2008

excellent recipe, finally something that works and tastes good. Not really a tortilla, but works great as a wrap, and so easy to handle compared to our other wraps, (doesn't crumble). I used them to make blintzes. Used dairy free 'cream cheese and fried filled, rolled wraps in marg. then sprinkled cinnamon sugar on them. REALLY DELICIOUS! thanks for a geat recipe !!!

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idarefsky March 24, 2008

These are great! I have used them for breakfast, lunch, & supper. They wrap up easy with ham or turkey. Fold in half for a burger wrap or roll up for a breakfast burrito. I will definitly continue using this recipe

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TexasBreeze October 01, 2007

I like these, and they are SO easy to make! They tasted a little more like egg than I expected, but they are still good. Kinda like a tortilla/crepe mix. Thanks for the recipe, these will defiantly become a regular in my house!

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GlutenFreeKitten September 22, 2007

Great recipe. Very easy and simple to make. Great to make extra and place in the freezer, as suggested by jackandfiona. This does make taking lunch easy. A good change to eating GF sliced bread(that usually isn't the best for a packed lunch). Forgot to say tht they are easily rolled and dont tend to crack. Once again, thanks for sharing your recipe

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**Jubes** May 17, 2007
Gluten Free Tortillas