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This recipe was AWESOME! It TOO runny at first, but I added a little more starch and flour and it was easy to press into a pan. After reading reviews about the pizza not cooking in the middle, I baked the crust first wtihout toppings and pricked it with a fork. When it was almost finished cooking, I added the toppings. my mom (who is the one with the gluten allergy), LOVED IT! We have SEARCHED for a mix or a recipe that tastes right...this was IT!!! Even those without the gluten allergy LOVED it! no one could tell! Thank you so much! I'll be making this alot for my mom!!!!

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bethanyescamilla September 21, 2009

This is the best Gluten Free Pizza Crust ever!!! I made it for lunch today and my hubby who refuses to eat gluten free for me never even realized that this was gluten free. It was delicious and definitely the recipe that we will use from now on. It was light and crispy and even held together like a normal pizza. At last I can eat real dough again! Thank You

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Super Twinmommy June 12, 2009

Simple recipe to follow. We give 5 stars because of the easy directions, the texture, and mostly because of the minimal clean up! We substituted the potato starch for corn starch because that is what we had in the cupboard.

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davidandleah December 14, 2008

My husband can't have gluten and I can't do corn or its derivatives (cornstarch, xanthan gum). This crust worked wonderfully for us. It will probably be our normal pizza crust from now on. I doubled the recipe and put it on a cookie sheet I'd oiled and floured with rice flour. It didn't stick and baked up beautifully. My parents ate with us and they both had seconds--a rarity with them and gluten-free food!

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jennert August 13, 2008

This recipe is awesome. I've recently resigned myself to a gluten-free diet, and my husband has been missing pizza.For those who are trying this recipe for the first time: the dough is NOT like normal pizza dough. It has the consistency of soft cookie dough. Don't add extra flour. And don't worry, it will be delicious. I scored the dough lightly with a fork after pressing it into the pan.I HIGHLY recommend that after pressing the dough into an oiled pan, that you bake it without toppings for 10-15 minutes. The dough should be mostly cooked, and just starting to brown on the edges. After that, take it out of the oven and add your sauce, cheese and toppings. Finish cooking for another 10 minutes or so.I made some slight changes, after trying the first time. I lowered the oven temp to 425. I added olive oil instead of shortening. I substituted xanthan gum for the potato flour, and the potato starch can be replaced with dried potato flakes. ( I found them in the bulk section at my local Winco. I don't know their technical name. They are very small flakes, about the size of flaked coconut.) I know it sounds strange, but they are cheap and work perfectly.I also added some garlic salt, powdered onion, and dried rosemary. I also tried the pizza crust as deep dish style by doubling the recipe. It worked fine, but you need to cook it awhile longer, and I highly recommend that you let the pizza rest for 10 minutes after baking, otherwise it sticks to the pan. Happy cooking, everyone!

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June_Buggy July 13, 2014

I gave it 4 stars because it did not include salt. You need salt. I liked the crust it's good to find one that does not have tapioca flour or xanthan gum two things my family is allergic to along with wheat. I added a whole Tblsp of olive oil and I decreased the water by 3 Tablespoons and I had to add an extra 1/4 cup of rice flour. I don't have a pizza stone so I just used a cookie sheet. I greased it and oiled my fingers and I baked it 425 degrees on the bottom rack for 15 min to make sure the crust gets brown and then 12 mins on the top rack once I added the toppings. The bottom crust was still a little pale but it was cooked through. It's not crispy but was a bit chewy. Maybe a pizza crust would make it crispy. It was very good. I have had some horrible stuff that has gone to the trash after one bite.

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3RiversCook December 03, 2012

I have been searching for a gluten-free pizza crust for the 2 1/2 years we have been gluten-free. This recipe is IT!! It has a really nice flavor, and the texture is superb. Crispy and light. I've made it on pizza pans, but my favorite way to make it is by pouring 1-2 tsp. olive oil into a 9" cake pan, spreading the oil evenly in the pan and then pouring the batter on top of the oil. It makes the crust extra yummy and a little like Pizza Hut's pan pizza (which we loved in our pre-GF days). Thank you Ukichix for such an AWESOME recipe!

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ChristyE May 13, 2011

I was looking for a gf pizza base for #304802 and this recipe looked perfect, however, I found this dough a little too messy for me. I will try it again because it cooked up fine, just not suitable for a stromboli, and tasted delicious which I suppose is what matters.

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WicklewoodWench April 21, 2011

Great recipe! I chose it because it matched what I had on hand (living abroad sometimes makes it hard to get extras for GF recipes). What a nice crust - finally one that had a little crispness to it's underside! I did add the seasonings mentioned, plus a little salt. Only had to add a little extra flour but really, a nice surprise! Thanks for posting it!

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dmgraef March 28, 2011

This crust was easy and fast. I used only half of the water and the consistency was just right. It looked pretty but tasted rather gluten-free-ish IMHO, even worse the next day. I will not make this again.

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Suzy mom to 2 November 04, 2009
Gluten Free - Thin Pizza Crust