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These cookies are absolutely wonderful!!! I am surprised no one has rated these yet...I used my moms butter cream frosting recipe with these and I cant tell the difference from when my mom made these with regular flour when I was a child. Thank you so much for this recipe, it will be a keep her in my house every year.

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Healthy Mama: 1434108 December 28, 2010

These cookies were great! They were very soft and chewy! Almost more cake like even. They are good with and with out frosting. The recipe ingredient list does not say how much baking powder to use, but it does say to use it and mix in with the dry ingredients... So I used 1tsp. I guess if anyone really knows how much to use maybe add it on here, or make the correction. Also if you don't use a cookie press you have to press the dough down some! Otherwise they were like little clouds! :) I just carefully spread each one out before baking and that worked great and they were more cookie like. Over all though they tasted great and my whole family (even the ones who can have gluten) loved them!!!

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jjunebug78 April 10, 2013
Gluten Free Soft Sugar Cookies