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This recipe was perfect! And super simple to make. I have to eat vegan and gluten free (among other things) and these tasted so good! I used a gluten free flour mix of millet, sorghum, tapioca flour, and potato starch. Then added 1 T xanthan gum. The dough wanted to break a little when twisting them into the pretzel shape, but went back together very easily. Thanks!

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Nonies Nook December 05, 2010

Mmm! I applied an egg wash after taking the pretzels out of the soda water. I was having trouble shaping the dough, I think because I was not using a premixed GF baking flour. No problem, though. I just rolled them into balls and slightly flattened them like hamburger patties. They don't look much like pretzels, but they are delicious. Oh, and I let the dough rise for an hour before shaping and baking. Don't know if that made a difference or not.

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malijo789 May 06, 2013

These were great, after one major change: I used 1 T baking soda in a sauce pan filled with 1" of water. Using 2 T soda per cup of water made the pretzels inedible. I also used 2 T more water in the recipe, as I felt the dough needed to be a bit less dry, and used 4 t xanthan gum for the 5 cups of flour mix. I'm so glad I found this recipe. It worked well in my new pretzel maker. Thanks for sharing!

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Pear 'n Ginger Girl January 02, 2012

This recipe is totally incorrect- I added some corrections and how I actually ended up making them- check there. The flour is way too much, the dough doesn't really stay together well enough to make a pretzel shape, the dough is totally flavorless unless you add something, and they will be soggy if you don't use an eggwash. As it is written originally, I give it a one.

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anna.kaschner October 02, 2008
Gluten Free Soft Pretzel