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The cake looked good and it was very moist... but the flavor was terrible. The beets were far too over powering.

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Li_1974 June 27, 2011

My Son did not like this cake, I do not think it was the taste as the color. It was very dark, not red. It tasted like chocolate a little more than i had hoped. Not bad, infact we gave the batch to friends who are on the same diet and they loved them. They baked well and turned out looking very yummy!

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Reilly's Mom February 02, 2010

My husband has taken an idea from a movie we saw that I found touching ; he brings me flour as a surprise presents {{get it like flowers but flours :) :) }}...this inspired me to search for a recipe on Zaar that I could make with a couple of his latest gifts (rice and tapioca flour) and the search led me to this absolute winner (in time for Valentines Day) where I was able to experiment with some new ingredients and some old favorites... PLUS i was dying to make a vegan red velvet...I followed the excellent instructions with a couple of changes to accommodate my style and make it vegan...I used vegan egg replacer (the same product as the tapioca flour)...real beet (do not like the taste of canned) - making an apple sauce/ beet puree with extra beet juice...& eliminated the oil :)...iced the perfect bundt with a tofu beet pink stained frosting...made for Valentines 09...delicious!!! prob. the best thing i have ever baked :) {{IMNSHO}}...involved lots of love and you can taste it in every bite... :) -THANKS FOR POSTING...i am passing this along to my cousin to make for her son who has special diet needs...:)

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free-free February 13, 2009

My beautiful daughter wanted red velvet cake for her birthday and, since her celiac stepsister was going to be present, she okayed using this recipe that I've never tried before. We were not disappointed! The cake was delicious with great texture, and I love that it contains beets - I'm always happy to sneak in veggies! The only downside was that it wasn't very red. Next time I'll throw in some food coloring.

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Elisa72 January 11, 2009
Gluten Free Red Velvet Cake