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Fabulous! I thought that I was baking these for my gluten intolerant customers, but they were enjoyed by all. If I didn't see what type of flour I had used, I wouldn't have believed it. I used a #50 sized scoop, and got almost three dozen cookies. I'll have to check on how they hold up overnight tomorrow, if there are any left then. Thank you for providing this recipe Katii! update - (I have since made these many times, they hold up very well overnight. I've made them with either chocolate chips or raisins or toasted walnuts, they are equally popular. Today I made them plain, and sandwiched them in pairs with a homemade vegan cream cheese icing, and called them whoopie pies! )

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Chef Edlear December 03, 2008

yummy cookies. They look like they will be cake-y but are actually nice and chewy. I used GF all-purpose flour, a mix of xylitol and erythitol with a spoonful of molasses in place of the sugar. I added currants and 1 c pecans. Hubby says this is a keeper!

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jcrozier November 18, 2014

Just made these because I was having a craving! I did add add some chocolate chunks and chopped pecans instead of raisins. I also decided to whip up a little sweet super icing to drizzle over the top. Can you tell I had a sweet tooth? (Oh, and I used better batter instead if all the different flours).

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GF Heather August 07, 2013

I made these for some friends that are GF. They said that they felt like they were cheating on their diets. What a compliment! I was afraid that the store-bought GF flour would make the cookies taste beany... but they didn't. The pumpkin taste came through beautifully. Thanks for sharing such a good recipe.

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Crisci December 23, 2008

I didn't have great success with these...mind you, I am new to gluten free baking, so that may account for it. They were very cake-like, and while the taste was fine, I'm not fond of the texture. I didn't use a store bought flour though, I made one up using one of the recipes posted here (mix of rice flour, potato starch, tapioca, xanthum). Obviously the flour plays a main role, so I'll try these again with another type.

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magpie diner December 13, 2008

Excellent flavor. I added some almond flour in with my GF flour and it made a difference. YUM!

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sweetshortness77 November 06, 2008
Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cookies