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Except for the hype in the introduction I would have rated this five stars. You definitely can't take a piece of the dough and shape it into a ball or put your toppings on right away, they need to be pre-baked like other gf pizza bases. I made half the recipe and made four 12 inch bases in metal pizza pans. They were very thin and delicious. Using a scale I divided up the dough on the pans which were well oiled with baking spray and well dusted with rice flour. I placed an oiled piece of plastic wrap over the dough and using my hands pushed it out as much as possible. Then, using a nylon kidney-shaped dough scraper dipped repeatedly in warm water, I spread the dough out to the edges of the pan. Next time I might reserve a little dough for the really thin spots at the edges. After pre-baking for about eight minutes and cooling I double wrapped the extras in plastic wrap and freeze them. I find it less stressful to make a few at a time than fighting with the dough every time we want a pizza. Also there are always some in the freezer for unexpected guests. The taste and texture is so good everyone likes our pizzas, even those without gluten allergies.

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Yankiwi January 14, 2010

I cut in half for a trial. I used 3 T oil (for half of 1/3). The dough is typical GF dough, NOT like pizza dough. You can not take a chunk and form it into a ball. And I had to spread it with oiled hands. I also oiled my pizza stone, hoping it wouldn't stick. I did one 16" and one 12" and the first one was cooked according to directions, with toppings put on before baking. The dough came out somewhat soggy towards the middle (the ends were okay). So I prebaked the second one and then baked again with toppings. The first crust stuck a little to the pan, but not badly. The second one not at all. The half batch made only those 2 pizzas, so good for my family dinner. I would add some seasonings to the crust next time, as it does need a little flavor (and I only let it sit 5 hours). GF is never going to be easy to make, but this turns out close to a real crust. Thanks!

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WI Cheesehead December 24, 2009
Gluten-Free Pizza (Hertzberg & Francois Crusty Boule)