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I get rave reviews from gf people as well as non gfer's. I do have a little trick for making this perfect though. Once I get the dough on the well greased and well floured foil, I put the foil directly onto a preheated grill over medium heat. I cook for 5 minutes and then flip the dough over so it is directly on the grill and I peel off the foil and discard it. I cook the dough another 2 minutes and remove. Then I put on my topping and return to the grill. If the dough starts to get overdone, I remove the pizza from the grill and pop it under the broiler in my oven for a couple of minutes to get the cheese nice and bubbly. This cooking method makes a big difference. I have also doubled or tripled the recipe to make several crusts at once and then I freeze the crust to make an impromtu pizza later.

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hollygollygee April 09, 2010

This was great! I patted it super-thin into a sheet pan and it made an awesome thin-crust pizza. I loved the italian seasoning in it, too. Instead of gelatin, I used an egg and reduced the liquid by 1/4 cup to compensate. Thanks for a great recipe!

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laurenlikesfood September 09, 2011

This is AMAZING. I have been gluten free the past year and was stuck paying 20 dollars at Fresh Brothers for essentially a personal sized pizza gf pizza (A complete and utter RIP OFF) for the same quality crust that this one cost me pennies to make.

I followed directions to a tee except for the modification of flipping the crust 1/2 way through the initial baking, and having to cook my pizza about 20 minutes total.

Will make this recipe again and again, even for non GF people as it is simply a great crust. Thank you!!!

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godesscalista November 28, 2010

Yep, it's that good. I used 1/3 cup soy and 1/3 cup rice flour in place of the garfava. I followed another reviewers suggestion and put it on foil and did first bake on the grill. Be sure to REALLY put a lot of olive oil on the foil first. I made a bunch of them and froze for a quick pizza, just add toppings and finish baking. We couldn't tell it was gluten free.

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BMac January 21, 2011

made it for my dad while my folks were visiting (he has gluten allergies). we all had a taste of his pizza & for the first time ever, i think it was comparable, if not better than the non-gf meal the rest of us had. i've always felt badly that he has had to give up yummier food, but not with this crust! my mom has asked for the recipe and is now making it for the both of them at their home as well! goes great with Ultimate Pizza Sauce by SAMS_Club.

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gnet July 21, 2010

This crust was awesome. My husband, who is a baker and doesn't have to eat gluten free, even loved it. Came out terrific. Having never even made a pizza dough at all I was surprised at how easy this one was to make. I substituted a geletin sheet for the teaspoon of geletin powder because that was all I had. Since I also didn't have cider vineger I substitued white wine vineger and a touch of apple juice for that. Other than that I followed the recipe exactly and I loved the result.

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JulieMommy98 February 06, 2011

the best pizza ever! i believe it to be better than take out! Tonight I am trying it in a calzone (sp?) wish me good luck. after it is done baking i will be glazing it with garlic butter and cheese

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Healthy Mama: 1434108 May 18, 2010

This recipe is amazing. My mom has a gluten alergy so I always have to make separate meals for her with no gluten because the gluten free stuff is always a little bit strange texture and taste and none of the rest of the family wants to eat it. This recipe was as good as if not better than the pizza dough with regular flour in it. Next time, I'm making this one for the whole family! For the flour in mine I used kinnikinnick's Kinni-Kwik bread and bun mix. AMAZING!! Thank you for the recipe!

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katiejan1 April 27, 2010

We usually buy Udi's brand pizza crust at the store, but now with this easy and tasty recipe, I'm going to save myself money and make it myself. I didn't have any powdered milk, but I did add flax meal in it's place. During the blending process, I added about a 1/4 cup of extra water. The pizza crust came out superbly! All my kids (even the two who eat gluten) gobbled it all up!

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MamanOf3 August 31, 2011

Wow, my friend's husband uses this recipe to make pizza because he has Celiac and it is DELICIOUS. You probably wouldn't be able to tell that it's gluten-free. They use bob's red mill flours (garfava) and honey as the sweetener as well as evaporated milk. I can't wait to try to make this dough myself. I've had the pizza fresh and microwaved the next day and it's fantastic. Definitely recommended.

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PaulinaD February 21, 2011
Gluten-Free Pizza Crust