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I want to update my review. We have made these several times now. Recently I had to stop eating corn and dairy because my 4 month old infant is sensitive to them and I am nursing. So...for the cornstarch I substituted equal parts tapioca flour and arrowroot. I used Spectrum shortening in place of butter, and almond milk in place of milk. Worked out just fine. You will need to add a bit more milk than listed if you do this however. Another thing I discovered...I was going to use my cookie press for these but the dough was too thick HOWEVER...I did find that you good put a mishapen log of doughin the cookie press and press the dough down toward to die and then just remove the whole log. What you end up with is a perfectly round dough log and better looking cookies...more uniform. I sliced them up and put a piece of parchment over each cookie and then presed the bottom of a juice glass over the top to flatten them out a bit. They look much nicer this way:) My 3 year old helped make these with me. They were really easy. His comments about the dough.. "That looks like mud mommy. It's really good". They ARE really good. The only thing I will change next time is to double the filling. We ran out before filling all the cookies.

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hollygollygee July 11, 2010

These are terrific! Modifications I made: ~ 2 tsp. ground flax seed for egg substitute ~ I was out of vanilla, so I left it out. ~ did not add milk. I simply rolled small portions into a ball and smashed them to about 1/8 inch with the bottom of a glass. Perfect! I look forward to adapting this recipe, minus the cocoa, for sugar cookies during the holidays! Thanks!

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MommyNature June 12, 2009

These are great and really easy to make. Everything turned out just the right consistency. I used ground flax seed for the egg substitute and lowfat canola spread instead of butter. Thanks a lot for posting.

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Yankiwi May 14, 2009

I rarely write reviews for recipes I make. I am usually dissuaded by "registering" and the 2 minutes of effort that takes. That being said, I baked, I ate, I registered. Worth every second. Since going gluten-free, I'd forgotten how much I missed my double stuf friends until I discovered this recipe and the delicious results. I followed the recipe almost exactly (I had no egg substitute so I just threw in an extra egg white to the wet ingredients) and it turned out wonderfully. Highly recommended. I know Xanthan gum is expensive, but it's worth the investment.

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siewb October 28, 2011

Son loved it! We used all rice flour and egg replacer... worked great... it was a bit hard to work with and I have an issue with the 1/8 cutting... LOL... I will have to work on that... But they were very very good!!!

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Seasons February 23, 2009

They taste great! I subbed coconut oil for the butter and shortening, brown rice flour for the white and ground gluten free oats for the cornstarch. Next time I would use the brown rice flour or the oats but not both as they are a little dry but the taste is perfect. Thanks for posting!

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Chef# 616082 August 19, 2008

Awesome!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! My kids are casein & gluten intolerant so I subst. the butter with 1/2 c. organic spectrum shortening and 1/2 c. applesauce. I also used Karma Ice cream (gluten & dairy free) for a nice ice cream sandwich!! They are killer!!!!! Thanks Again!!!

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jcthyr July 14, 2008

This makes GREAT chocolate cookie crumbs for cheesecakes or whatever else. I ended up making two huge cookies, and leaving them out overnight. The next day, I broke them up and ran them through the blender. It made about 5 cups of cookie crumbs, which should be enough for two 10" cheesecakes. Oh yeah, and the wife and kids liked the chunks of cookies by themselves. :)

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ClintNeufeld May 05, 2008

I never would have guessed these to be gluten free! I made them for a friend whose diet is gluten free and she and the whole family were amazed at how great they tasted! No more expensive pre-packaged for them!:) The only thing I had any difficulty with was the filling and it wasn't even a problem. Just had to add more then the 2 tablespoons suggested hot water to get the consistency right for spreading. Perhaps I didn't have it quite hot enough to begin with. I had to quit "sampling" them before delivering because they were so good! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe I've passed on to my friend! :)

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Breezytoo June 05, 2007

First try was a great success. I brought them to my sister's house for treats for the kids. They were enjoyed by all and only one celiac among us! Outstanding dough - so easy to handle. I started slicing the roll of dough as suggested, but found myself reshaping the dough. I decided to make walnut size balls and flatten them with my hand. Worked out great! If you prefer a chewier cookie, cook 1 minute less. The icing was right on the money! Tastes just like the real thing.

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Sanzoles February 11, 2007
Gluten Free Oreo Cookies