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I tried this recipe twice and the 2nd time was better. I used BOTH the cheese (a 2% milk fat Mexican blend) AND some crushed Lays Kettle chips over the top of the cheese. My whole family loved it and it lasted two nights (4 servings each night). I also used less mushrooms (8 ozs) and no red pepper flakes. This recipe beat my grandmother's back in the days when I could eat gluten!

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Yankee Girl in Latham, NY, USA March 09, 2007

This recipe is deluxe! I made it for dinner tonight and both my husband (who is not gluten intolerant)and I just loved it! I forgot all about the pepper flakes but it didn't matter. We think it's better than the wheat noodle old favourite we used to make. I'm glad to read in the other reviews that it works well with other ingredients - a whole new world of options has opened up!! Thanks all!

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happytummynow November 27, 2011

YUM!!! This was the best Tuna Casserole I've ever had. Shocking. This technique was new to me. And I have to say it's very forgiving! I made a ton of small modifications. I didn't have mushrooms so left hem out. Used less creme cheese (ran out), used more peas - finishing up a bag. Used less cheese for the topping (swiss gruyere combo - what I had on hand), added 3 T of spicy mustard, 1 T Worcestershire, 1 t of hot sauce to the milk, tuna liquid. No kids at my house and we like the food really flavorful. If you have kids - don't change a thing.

It was fabulous! I'm going to try this same technique for other casseroles and experiment. I can imagine a stroganoff substituting sour creme for the cream cheese would be great! Thanks for the recipe.

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UrbanHouseWife November 03, 2010

This was great! Could not even tell it was GF. It also helped me use up some things in my pantry and freezer, such as some potato chips that nobody was eating and half a bag of frozen peas that were nearing their end. I used rice pasta since that's what I had on hand. I only cooked it about 5 minutes and then allowed it to continue cooking while in the oven. I also added some lightly steamed broccoli into my share. I made a separate dish for hubby with 'real' pasta and the cream cheese. I do not like cream cheese, so I made mine without. For the cream/soup part I used half unsweetened almond milk (Silk makes a very creamy and thick almond milk). I really like the idea of saving the tuna water to use to mix with the thickening agent. Since I'm also trying to cut out corn, I used arrowroot instead of the corn starch and it worked just as well. Just have to make sure and not add it too early as arrowroot will lose it's thickening ability after cooked for a while. I think next time though I will use a shell-type pasta instead. I prefer that kind of pasta in my tuna casseroles. :-)

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german_girl_with_curls_13151178 October 24, 2010

Absolutely delicious! I had a tube of stale Pringles... so this was the perfect way to recycle them. I made with chicken... Will DEFINITELY make again!!!

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Emily C April 06, 2008

This was very good! Better than the gluten containing one I used to make! All four of my boys even ate it (which is close to a miracle!!) Thanks!

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4boys4kathy February 10, 2008


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STARTERWIFE October 16, 2006
Gluten-Free Noodle Tuna Casserole