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This was my first attempt at making GF bread and all in all I was pleased. I did take the suggestion from one of the ccoks in a past review to increase the agave and oil. This was a good idea to add moistness to the bread. I did some tweaking to the recipe myself. I used 3/4 C Garbanzo bean flour instead of 1/2 C Aramath flour. Instead of 2 T of Agave I used 3 T. Instead of 2 T of oil I used 3 T of melted butter. I also used my bread machine and it only made about half the normal size loaf, so I suppose it fell too. It rose like any other bread would in the bread machine. I do agree that if this is made the traditional way a smaller pan should be used and I believe that would take care of the "falling issue". When I make this bread next time, I plan on experimenting with another type of flour instead of the garbanzo flour and trying molasses instead of agave. I am also going to use a smaller pan and make it in the oven instead. I feel the bread was moist but some what chewy. This is probably from the bread machine over working the dough. When I make the new loaf I will repost my results.

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DawnRenee62 February 24, 2013

I recently started on a GF diet, after reading Wheat Belly, and I have to say that this is the best tasting bread I have tried and I%u2019ve tried about a half dozen others. I did run into the same problems others have reported when making this bread. The bread collapsed after taking it out of the oven, this is not a big deal for me. The main problem was that the top was very crusty, almost burned, but when I removed it from the pan, the bottom was mushy. I ended up putting it back into the oven, without the pan, for another eight minutes to get it to solidify. Today when I made it I substituted half the amaranth flour with coconut flour, coconut flour is more absorbent, I was hoping it would help with the mushy bottom. I also reduced the oven temperature to 325, so that the top would not burn before the bottom was done. This worked; the bread came out perfectly done and with very little shrinkage. The next time I make it I will substitute all the amaranth for coconut flour or go half coconut, half almond flour to see if I can totally eliminate the bread from falling.

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Mikejs27834 January 22, 2013

Tried this recipe for the first time tonight and although it didn't fall, (because I baked it 5 mins longer than stated) the outside was overdone while the inside just barely done. Does anyone have a solution to this because I must say the bread is definitely amazing.

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eileenpippy June 25, 2012

For anyone looking to make flour substitutions, check here first:

It might help when trying to figure out the right proportions to avoid a dense bread or one that falls after baking. If it doesn't help, you've lost nothing.

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Dobby the kitchen elf February 20, 2011

I cant believe I can send a sandwich to school with my little one that isn't hard and crumbly. I LOVE this Bread. his recipe is fantastic the 1st one that is soft and has stayed soft and not crumbly for 6 DAYS Now. I am trilled. I made it just as posted and it fell a little. I made it a 2nd time and left out 2 egg whites and it fell more. From what I have read the bread falls for 3 reasons. too much liquid, oven differences, and different flours absorb liquids different. So if your changing the flour mix it may mess with it. Most of the recipes I have tried that are GF fall a little. I am too working on that issue. Thanks for posting it.

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poobelly February 17, 2010

Luckily, we found this recipe when we were first diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I do add 1 1/2 teasp salt and 3 Tablespoons Honey and switch out the amaranth flour for others most of the time to make it taste even better. THANKS! This is great. I like it better than the other Multigrain recipe here.

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GFRox January 02, 2010

I have been looking for another GF bread recipe and after reading all the reviews decided to try this and it was great! I have made it twice, w/o amaranth - I used teff flour most recently - I can't remember what I replaced it with the 1st time; either way I was happy with the result. I too have a problem with the bread 'falling' after I take it out of the oven. But it is still delicious. I have had the same problem with other GF breads I make - would love to hear any suggestions to fixing that issue. I live in S. GA, not to humid or to high. This will be one of my 'regular' recipes! Thanks

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gone gluten free February 25, 2009

My experience:1st ever gf yeast bread to taste or bake. I had to use a convection oven. I subbed equal amounts of brown and white rice flour and sorghum for the 1/4 cup of amaranth. I followed everything else exactly except the water was warmer than room temp. I left out about 2 T. of water. I used a 9x5 pyrex b/c my metal pan was 8x4. The bread rose above the pan edge 1 and 1/4 inches in about 40 minutes. Not knowing what to do, I let it rise for 1 hour. Then while it was baking it was reaching the oven top and browning fast so I had to move the rack to its lowest position. I had to use foil but I then took it off 5 minutes early so I could look to see how dark it was. When the bread was cooling I noticed it fell a little and I thought, I hope the bread crumbs will be good, thinking it was ruined. After cutting it, it only had a couple of small wholes the size of a shelled almond. I think I will leave out 3 T of water and use room temp. too. After reading all the comments on here and on bythebay I give my loaf and almost perfect score. It was delicious too! Thank you for the recipe!!!

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sherriballard79 May 07, 2008

I have made this several times and love the taste and texture, however, it keeps falling. I've tried reducing the water and increasing the yeast. I removed one of the eggs and used egg replacer. I'm making it in a Breadman bread machine on the gluten free setting. Any advise?

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Chickylala December 22, 2007

Delicious! I don't have sorghum flour so I subbed white rice flour. My only problem was that after 40 minutes of baking the bread was dark brown on the outside but not all the way done on the inside after cooling. This time I'm trying 325 for 45 minutes to see if that works any better for me. I am also wondering how I can make this up more conveniently to eat more frequently. Has anyone tried making the dough and then freezing it? Or would it be better to bake the bread and then freeze it? Great Recipe!

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Fulltime Chef July 08, 2007
Gluten-Free Multigrain Miracle Bread