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*Reviewed for Pick-A-Chef Fall 07* Too quick and easy to make using "Rice Flour Muffin Mix". I added poppy seeds and lemon zest and topped with "Gluten Free Streusel Topping". Really any flavours or fruits could be added to this mix easily- you could even divide and make into two flavours for some variety. I used paper cases but would suggest that if not-then really grease your muffin pan well. This mixture was perfect amount for 12 muffins. Thanks for sharing a quick and easy recipe. I think that these muffins would freeze well also. Photos also being posted.

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**Jubes** September 12, 2007

I used Rice Flour Muffin Mix and Gluten Free Streusel Topping to make these. I also added some apples, cinnamon, and pecans to the muffin mix. They were delicious. Moist and tender, but I used paper cupcake cups and they stuck something fierce. Next time I'll just grease the pan well.

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Az B March 14, 2009

Needed some additional liquid. I really wish the whole muffin recipe was all together, instead of needing 3 different 'recipes' to make the single item. But it is yummy.

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JESMom August 12, 2008
Gluten Free Muffins