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I love this recipe. I'm a new at gluten free food and the taste of bread as been hard to get used to. This bread is by far the closes in taste to regular bread. I only use one 8g. quick rise envelope for the recipe and it works well. I don't like the taste and smell of yeast and found that the original recipe was too "yeasty" for me. I also use 1c. white and 1c. brown of rice flour. I've made a loaf a bread, french bread, buns, odd looking shaped bread, and it all tasted really good.

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FancyFranKy September 29, 2011

This is the absolute best gluten free bread that I have eaten. I have been GF for just under a year and I was really starting to miss bread. I tried recipe after recipe for bread that was just not there. I gave up trying about 2 months ago. I need bread to make stuffing for turkey this one sounded good so I tried it. I followed other posters advice, like adding more flour, for the first loaf, mistake, it was heavy. I made it with brown rice and sweet rice flour, used a reduced regular yeast the second, it was good, but yeasty. But the best way is to make it as written, with the quick rise yeast, I was in heaven when I tried it.

Thank you for this great bread Gluten Free Girl!

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Cherise98 September 23, 2011

I LOVE this recipe. It tastes so incredible! The only problem I am having is that once it comes out of the oven it sinks. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this? I couldn't get it to stay formed when I made French bread in the french bread pan. It was so thin. HELP!

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Sunnie97 July 20, 2011

Is this actually gluten free bread???? OMG, it was amazing! Even though my bread browned a little too much for my liking, it was by far better than any other gluten free bread I have tried. I followed the directions but omitted the egg substitute because I didn't have any. Otherwise, directions were followed to a T. I had two amazing French bread loaves. Next time I'll try the loaf pan and see if I can make bread for sandwhiches!

Thanks so much for sharing!

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Kim A. Heaphy July 04, 2011

This went fast, right out of the oven. I've made it twice - once stuffed with herbs (chives, thyme and rosemary) and once plain. Both times there were more non-GF eaters than GF ones. Everyone enjoyed it. I just used aluminum foil to help shape it into French bread.

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Onehornedone March 21, 2011

After throwing out 2 batches of gluten free baked goods this week I decided to try this recipe in my breadmaker. I am happy to say that it came out wonderfully. I used the gluten free setting and combined all wet ingredients on the bottom, all dry ingredients on the top and let the breadmaker do the rest. It smelled like real bread when it was baking. It did not rise as much as regular bread but I think that is to be expected with the gluten free. I did add a tad more flour; about 1/2 cup and I used agave nectar in lieu of the sugar. I also LOVE the fact that you can make this recipe with affordable gluten free flours as some of the various flours on the market are extremely expensive. I am happy with this simple go to recipe since I am so new at this gluten free baking thing. You rock!

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SnowieOwls March 02, 2011

This is amazing bread! The first time I made it I was pleasantly surprised by the texture, but found the taste a bit lacking. I solved the problem by taking out 1/2 cup of the white rice flour and replacing it with 1/2 cup of sorghum flour (easily found at Whole Foods). I also use regular yeast instead of fast acting and it hasn't made a difference in the outcome. THANK YOU for this delicious bread.

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LettyGlutenFree December 31, 2010

This is the best gluten free bread recipe I have tried since going gluten free 6 months ago! The texture is so much nicer than anything I've tried. It even looked like "real" bread when it was sliced instead of crumbly pound cake like so many other recipes or mixes! I'm going to purchase a french bread pan just for this recipe and use the bread as sub rolls. I can't wait to be able to eat a sub again!! :) With this recipe, I made one larger loaf and two round rolls to use as hamburger buns. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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Kree8tif December 20, 2010

Seriously AMAZING! I sat back, closed my eyes and just relished in the moment of having bread in my mouth that FELT normal and TASTED normal! It slices perfectly, doesn't crumble to bits! It stays moist over night if you wrap if up! It is super delish! Word to bakers: 2 packets of the quick rise yeast does not equal 2 tbls. Mine didn't rise quite as much as I would have liked (it still worked wonderfully, though), so use a bit more than 2 packets. I did, as another review suggested, use 1c brown rice flour and 1c white instead of 2 cups white. I also added 3tbls of milled flax! It turned out amazing! THANK YOU for finally giving us NORMAL bread to eat!

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slecker December 16, 2010

I'm going to have to take your word for the freezing part because mine didn't last long enough to even try. I actually like this better than regular French bread and so does DH. Left half a loaf sitting out overnight--still good next day. Wrapped one loaf in foil--still good next day. Toasted a few slices--perfect. Getting ready to mix up my second batch--actually went out and bought a new French bread pan since I couldn't find mine. Didn't add any extra flour. You must try it dipped in olive oil with garlic salt and dipping spices added. I can't thank you enough, GlutenFreeGirl.

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Gadget_Queen October 18, 2010
Gluten Free French Bread