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Bread has always been a guilty pleasure, now I don't have to feel guilty - or in pain.

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hopeinhim0056 November 17, 2013

Hi! I read all the reviews here and well I gave it a try, but the result wasn´t so goods at others. My bread end up being too gooey, I did added the xantham gum and egg replacer. What did I do wrong? I follow all the steps to the T. Help please.

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monetgirl November 15, 2013

After trying several recipes, I keep coming back to this one. I have used this recipe as french bread, sub bread (lower temp to 350 and let steam in a plastic bag for about 20 min), pizza crust (add garlic and parsley roll between parchment paper), and now I am about to try burger buns. I want to get more versatile with this recipe because it is the easiest and tastiest. Even better than the boxes that just add water. Any suggestions for a pull apart monkey bread?<br/><br/>I found that oiling up my hands with olive oil or the crisco spray helps to shape down the tips that stick up. Oh and one more thing, parchment paper is key. not foil.

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mestasmama September 29, 2013

I don't know what went wrong, but my dough spread out flat during the rising stage. I followed the recipe exactly. I baked it as directed, even though it had flattened out, and it baked crispy golden on the outside but too soft/gluey on the inside. Further baking did not improve it. The flavor was good, but we couldn't really eat it. Sorry.

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bakedapple42 September 04, 2013

I'm not raiting this YET but I will rate it after it's done cooking, considering this is the first time I have ever made this particular bread, let alone any gluten free bread. I'm really looking forward to it! I did not use the egg substitutes as I didn't have any and instead of xanthum gum, I have used guar gum in the recipe as I didn't have any and I do know in a lot of recipes guar gum can be a replacement.. so if it doesn't turn out as well at least I know why LOL I will let ya'll know how it works out once it's done baking :)

And I just wanted to say thanks to all your tips and ideas too :) Followed it to a T almost the first time and then tweak it to my liking after wards like adding cheese to it, etc :)

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knvv February 25, 2013

This made very good bread. Even my picky gluten eating daughter liked them. I'm interested to see how it will be the next day. Some GF breads turn very dry and crumbly very quickly. This doesn't seem to be that way, but only time will tell! Meanwhile, very good start.
Update: Lasted three days in my bread box on the counter. Great recipe! Thank you!

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1026891 December 24, 2012

This recipe is fabulous. I skipped the egg substitute. I used egg whites in a carton and it worked great (about 7 Tbsp. is 3 egg whites). This bread is excellent for garlic bread!

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Delicious as it Looks November 07, 2012

This is a very good recipe. I just took this to a family gathering with most people being gluten eaters, and everybody loved it. My SIL said this was better than a lot of peoples regular bread, and she definitely is not a gluten free fan. I quadrupled the recipe and I always make it it regular loaf pans. I put one recipe which says it makes two french bread loaves into one loaf pan and it makes a nice high rising regular loaf. I changed the white rice flour to 2 parts white rice flour, 3 parts brown rice flour, 1 part oat flour, and 2 parts sorghum flour. I think this was the best mixture of flours I have tried yet. I also added 1 tsp flax seed for every tsp egg replacement called for and 2 tsp of water for ever tsp flax seed. For those new to making gluten free bread, the dough will not be the texture you are used to. It is VERY sticky...do not add extra flour. I mix it in my bosch mixture and then pour the batter into my well greased bread pans and smooth it out with a spatula on top to make it a much more even loaf. Hope this helps. This produces a lovely moist, light and fluffly bread. My husband even said he would consider going gluten free if I replaced his bread with this bread. This is one of those recipes that make living gluten free a little bit easier and even pleasant!

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healthy cook for 8 November 04, 2012

I admit when I read all the good reviews I was sceptical. I've tried many other gluten free recipes and they all tasted like dense pound cake. I'll admit my bread did not rise too well from cooking on a cookie sheet, I think if you are going to bake this bread invest Ina French bread pan. So my bread looked a little flat but tasted like real French bread. My husband who is not gluten intolerant and has suffered through many of my gluten free recipes took some of this bread to work with him. He ended up calling me just to tell me how great this bread was. He said we would never have to buy store bought bread again. I think that says it all. Now can someone point me to a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that are like the real gluten containing ones.

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SueHuss October 11, 2012

Seriously the best gluten-free bread I've ever made. My boyfriend is a chef and he said he could barely tell the difference. I made it at 7,000 ft altitude and didn't make any changes, and it turned out just perfect!

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laurenlikesfood August 06, 2012
Gluten Free French Bread