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Taste wise, this is the most incredibly wonderful bread for GF. The chef is correct in saying it tastes much like the real thing. I made the mistake of not noting that most people needed extra flour when I printed the recipe out. I am an experienced bread maker but not an experienced GF bread maker. The few things that I have made had a different texture and density even raw so didn't think to add more flour. The result was a flat bread instead of a loaf. I was a bit bummed when I saw that but after tasting it, was feeling better about the time, effort and product that I had used not being wasted. I will try it again and add more flour to get it more like a loaf but did want to say that the mistake was well worth it as I can see how that would be an excellent pizza crust (bake first then top and stick under broiler to melt the cheese) and means of making Crazy Bread......... which in case you don't know is pizza dough brushed with lots of melted butter and garlic and salt. Baked till crispy and you will think you died and went to heaven. :-) Oh Yes, I made it with the Tom Sawyer GF flour and that saves having to buy and measure different items. That flour has it all in it. I just measured out the total of what the first 3 items were.

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Dorsey May 08, 2010

This is so good! Taste and texture are great! Only change I made was 2 whole eggs instead of 3 egg whites and it was amazing! Smells good and BF loves it too! I ate it dipped in in olive oil and herbs and felt like I was at Macaroni Grill. Probably going to invest in French Bread Pans as I am positive I will be making this again and again.
Thank you!

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Carolly February 01, 2013

This bread is amazing! I made no changes to the ingredients except to half the recipe, which still worked well to mix in my stand mixer. I used plain white vinegar as the recipe didn't specify. The big change I made is baking this in my small 3 quart crock pot. Holy moly! Beautiful crusty brown bread, just like the wheat version. I'll be coming back to this recipe many times in the future, especially in the summer months when heating a big oven is too much.

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GauriW December 26, 2012

Love this! My (non GF) family loves it too. To shape quickly and easily I sprayed the inside of a lg ziploc with canola oil, put the dough in, snipped a pretty lg whole and piped out perfect loaves. Thanks for a great recipe!

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cookingalong January 29, 2008

Absolutely the best (and easiest!) bread I have made in four years! I cannot wait to form this into hot dog style buns for sausage and sauerkraut! Today I formed two hamburger style bun pans out of double layered, heavy duty tinfoil (formed over a bowl upside-down) and tried 1/2 cup of dough in one and 3/4 cup in the other. The 1/2 cup was just perfect for smaller mouths (baked in 20 min.), the 3/4 (baked in 23 min.) would be great for a 1/3 lb. burger or a larger appetite! The rest went into a standard 9 x 5 loaf pan and turned out soft and perfect for garlic bread. This bread will be baked at least twice a week in my house from now on!

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kacy777 January 23, 2014

This bread is amazing! I have never made any type of bread from scratch before... I followed the recipe exactly as written and this was so easy! I will be making this a LOT! Even my husband and kids who don't have gluten issues thought it was great! THANK YOU!

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melycan March 01, 2013

I could weep at this moment.

Finally, after 5 long years of waiting, a bread that I can make at home that is egg- dairy- and gluten-free and that ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD!

And it still tastes good with the addition of salty tears.


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LittleRedChef August 04, 2012

This a very stable gluten free bread recipe. I have made this with garbanzo bean flour and millet flour substituted in part or full for the rice flour and it always makes a delicious crusty bread. I love it with a little olive oil balsamic vinegar.

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hacilar666 January 26, 2009

UPDATE: Adding the 1 cup cheese to the bread produces a much moister bread, and is delicious! ***Dec 27, 2008/As far as rice breads go, this bread is great! Definitely a vast improvement upon the store-bought stuff. I am experimenting the 2nd time around with adding 1 cup cheddar, 1 tsp garlic and 1 tsp fresh thyme. For anyone using a breadmachine, this is a 2 lb loaf. Excellent!!

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DoveChocolatierinKY January 07, 2009


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iona13_7518182 March 09, 2013
Gluten Free French Bread