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This is a great gluten free bread. I can't help but wonder if the people who are adding extra flour are unfamiliar with gluten free bread. Gluten free bread dough will have a different, wetter texture than "normal" wheat dough. GF bread dough SHOULD be wet and sticky. I followed the reciepe exactly and it turned out terrific, though I put the whole thing into a regular loaf pan. It made a lovely loaf of bread for slicing.

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peganmn June 24, 2010

Thank you so much for this recipe GlutenFreeGirl, this is the first GF bread recipe that is not disgusting. I have tried so many since going GF, and they have all been like a brick. I have also tweeked this by using all brown rice flour instead of white, using 2 whole eggs instead of egg whites , using olive oil instead of butter, lemon juice instead of vinigar and adding in some ground flax seed & ground hemp seeds. I also add in a bit of pure coconut extract & vanilla. I bake it in a 9x13 loaf pan, cut it in half & freeze half because I can't possibly eat a whold loaf before it goes bad. This is the only GF bread recipe that almost tastes like real bread. Thank you so much. I will try the breadmaker some time soon, but haven't had any luck with the breadmaker GF bread yet. Great job GlutenFreeGirl. Keep posting PLEASE!!!

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3cutekitties March 13, 2011

The people who make guar gum or xanthan gum recommend it be dissolved in the oil/wet mixture before being added to the recipe. It needs the oil or fat to be properly dissolved. Although recipes do work doing it the way that the author wrote, it works much better if done the other way and have a better texture. The guar gum also should not be used in recipes with a high acid content as the acid tends to neutralize it. The xanthan gum does a better job of combining starches. See Bob's Red Mill site if you are interested in recommended proportions for different recipes.
Although the rice and tapioca flours are 'safe' flours with a more neutral taste, I tend to prefer working with combinations of other flours for about a third the flour amount for the increased vitamins and proteins that they offer. Changing the starches can have an effect on the recipe if you are inexperienced in working with these flours.

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sunnyserf July 26, 2011

I have been making this bread weekly for almost 2 yrs now with slight changes. 1 cup white rice, 1 cup brown rice, 3 tsp of ground flax for added fibre, and honey in replace of sugar. The result is a nice brown bread. Yesterday, I accidently forgot to add the tapioca starch - and it STILL turned out! It might even be a bit more moist that the original. I make this single recipe in a loaf pan for slices, muffin top tins for hamburger buns, (both pics are posted for viewing) and in a french baker when serving it to guests for dinner. A loaf or french baker requires 50mins in the oven, covering with foil 1/2 way through the cooking. Hamburger buns in 1/2 the posted cooking time. original review:WOW! This is the closest thing to "real" bread that I have had in 10 years! Thank you Gluten Free GIrl for posting this GREAT find.

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ukichix January 29, 2010

This is a fantastic base bread. I made some variations to suit our taste I split the white rice flour to include br. rice flour I used equal amount of honey to replace the sugar I didn't use the egg substitute I reduced the amount of yeast (we are not fans of yeasty bread) I used olive oil instead of butter to get those healthy fats in there :) I used apple cider vinegar I added 1 tbsp ground flax meal to increase iron and fibre content. All in all it was a fantastic recipe, easy to manipulate and tastes as good as it says. I am going to attempt a multi-grain version and will update the review Thank you for sharing this and thanks to the reviewers for making it seem appealing! A great addition to the recipe book!

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zaqstew February 25, 2010

Updated review: I make this bread at least once a week, it is a real staple in my house and is SO tasty! No one can tell it is gluten free! I have used potato starch, but prefer tapioca flour, and have found that half and half brown/white rice flour gives a nice combination of taste and texture. When I use Bob's Red Mill brand brown rice flour, I use all brown rice flour (it is more finely ground). I use three whole eggs instead of just whites, substitute canola oil for the butter (and use 3 Tbsp so I don't have to brush the top with butter), and maple syrup for the sugar. I use apple cider vinegar for the vinegar. To make sandwich bread, I put the whole recipe worth of dough into a sandwich loaf pan and bake for a little bit longer. So wonderful! Original review: I used brown rice flour and substituted potato starch for the tapioca flour. I also used maple syrup instead of sugar. It turned out excellently! Very good bread, we made ours into two loaves and ate one and a half loaves within half an hour of taking it out of the oven! I'll try it again with the tapioca flour when I get some!

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francoroni February 11, 2010

I tried this recipe last night and I must say I was very impressed! I rose beautifully and when I sliced it it didn't crumble all over the place. I put some butter on it and just ate it! I couldn't believe I didn't have to toast a loaf that I made! I buy Udi's bread sometimes which doesn't need t be toasted btut I find it to be drier than this recipe. This was very moist - not too moist - but it caught me off guard as I'm so used to dry bread. The only substitutions I made were: olive oil instead of butter and whole eggs instead of whites. And I used a loaf pan instead of making french bread - just baked an extra 5 mins. I would like to try some other more fibre-rich flours in the future. Great recipe!!

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h.abear December 18, 2010

This recipe is awesome. It tastes a lot like French bread; crusty outside and soft fluffy inside. It stays good for about 3 days, longer if refrigerated. It freezes well, and you can make breadcrumbs for other recipes later on. You really can' tell that it's gluten free. Very impressive!
I followed it as written, but simply added 2 whole eggs for the egg white/substitute. I used apple cider vinegar (probably most vinegars would work.) I put in in two small greased/cornfloured loaf pans and baked for the recommended time.
Since then, I've substituted coconut oil for the butter, brown rice flour for the white, and added ground flax seed, and it turned out really well each time.
I haven' been brave enough to spread it out on a tray, and don't have a French bread pan, so I'll just continue putting it in small loaf pans for now. I'm sure you could use larger pans or experiment.
It%u2019s a bit yeasty if you cut it right out of the oven; it's better cooled or the next day. It toasts ok, and is good with peanut butter, jam, dipping in soups, ect.
A few tips: You really need a good standing mixer for this recipe. I don't see how you could possibly beat it by hand. The dough is more like a thick batter, but should rise like normal bread dough and bake the same. I let it rise until it almost touches the brim of the baking pans, then brushed it with butter near the end of the baking time.

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June_Buggy September 26, 2012

Maybe we have not been GF long enough to fully appreciate this recipe as French bread, I made it twice now the first time followed the recipe exactly and made two loaves, the next time I used half brown rice flour and made them in the shape of biscuits, coated them both sides with corn meal and they made PERFECT english muffins. Perfect for mini pizzas and toasting for breakfast, and my son loved them for his lunch with PB&J. I will be using this recipe from now on for that purpose. THANK YOU for posting a winner in our GF quest for bread recipes.

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RedHeadToToe August 15, 2009

After four years of searching for a wonderful gluten free bread recipe, I have found it! This one is by far the best. It freezes nicely too.

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jprouty October 23, 2010
Gluten Free French Bread