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Great recipe! I have a problem with eggs, so I don't use them, but add 2 Tbs of Ener-G Egg Replacer to the dry ingredients and increase the milk to 1-1/3 cup (I use rice milk because of a dairy intolerance). I also use guar gum instead of xanthan as it seems less slimy to me. And I only use two tsps of it. Like others, I replace the gluten free flour blend with 1 cup sweet white sorghum flour and 1/4 cup brown rice flour. I replace the garfava flour with white rice flour. This combo of ingredients is working wonderfully for me! Initially, I was having a problem with the loaf collapsing, but I recently ditched my aluminum bread pan and got a narrower and longer silicone pan and the bread cooks amazingly in it, with no collapsing. A beautiful and satisfying loaf of bread! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe!

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Salialto June 28, 2014

AWESOME! This gluten free bread is amazing! I have been trying to make a decent gf/df bread for my son, who has autism, for 8 years now. The "good" ones have been really expensive to make and extremely delicate. It's also hard to master the correct technique for them to come out well. Every time someone recommends a new recipe I groan. I don't want to waste more time and money on something that I wouldn't even eat. I read the reviews on this bread and thought it sounded promising. I already had the ingredients on hand and decided to try it out with some friends. I used some sweet sorghum flour as part of the GF flour and used almond milk to make it dairy free. My only issue was finding a pan that would fit the loaf. I settled on a glass 11x 7 baking pan and formed the loaf with wet hands. Don't forget to grease it first! At first I rose it on the counter but it didn't rise at all after an hour, so I transferred it into a warm oven and finished rising it. I baked it @ 325 since I used a glass pan and decreased the time to 35 minutes. It came out beautifully! What a wonderful and pleasant surprise! I cut it while it was hot but would recommend cutting it when it cools off a bit. It has a wonderful, soft and fluffy texture! I LOVE it! Thank you so much for sharing this! It's golden!

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A Little Bit Kara-zy August 28, 2013

I just found this yesterday, and I, too, am amazed how fantastic this bread REALLY is. Honestly, I was expecting another disappointment in my quest to find GF food that does not have an odd taste or texture. This bread made a great sandwich without toasting, and I can't wait to try hamburger and hotdog buns. BTW I used the sorghum and rice variation which I read in one of the reviews. I'm going to find Laurie's baking cookbook today!

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bartnakGF June 27, 2013

I put making this for so long, because I thought it wouldn't turn out and I would be a failure. I am so happy to say that I took the iniative, today, and made this bread. It turned out beautifully. It's an "anyone can do this" type of recipe.
I followed the suggestions from other raters about what GF flour mix to use: 1 cup of sorghum, 1/4 cup brown rice, 1/4 cup white rice. I didn't have honey, so I used sugar instead. Also, the directions didn't say, but my former gluten bread-baking days forced me to make the 1 cup of water very warm and filled the mixer with the water and yeast, first and let it sit for a minute or two before adding the wet ingredients in.
I didn't 'shape/flatten' the top of my bread dough and thus it came out with lots of bumps. I'm guessing next time I could flatten it out with a spatula. I don't care much for presentation, so it didn't bother me anyway.
The DH is gluten sensitive so his opinion of the taste is what I'll go by. First off, it LOOKED like Udi's bread which I was thrilled about. I want to be able to compare to Udi's and save some $$. The texture is more bready, soft and squishy than Udi's. This makes an excellent slice of bread for a sandwich. The toast is not as crunchy, but this is only the first day of it being made. By tomorrow, the texture will have settled and the toast will probably be more like the commercial GF breads. Thank you so much for the recipe - it is so freeing knowing I don't have to depend on the store to get GF bread in my house.

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wedrinktea'ere January 23, 2013

At my age I found I've become a little suspicious and cynical. When I read the comments I thought "yeah... they're probably all exaggerating" but was desperate so I finally tried the recipe. Now I know why these people are so psyched and why at least one of them was in tears. YOU HAVE GIVEN BREAD BACK TO US because of your kind, unselfish gesture. Am so, so grateful to you. The store-bought gluten-free breads are exorbitantly expensive and not any good. This bread is wonderful. I must echo the sentiments of so many when I say even though I tweaked it a bit (because of other food sensitivities) it still turned out wonderfully. It IS a very forgiving recipe. IF YOU CAN'T HAVE GLUTEN AND MISS BREAD, TRY THIS RECIPE!!!!!!!!! You will NOT be sorry. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

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Katie G. January 21, 2013

So good I bought your book. I didn't have any issues with funny flavours from the all purpose GF flour (Red Mills), but I subbed chickpea for garfava flour, and molasses for the honey (because I need the iron and like the colour it gives), so the molasses may have covered any lingering funny flavours. The recipe book version is currently rising in the oven. I will have to see how it compares.

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laura.scrimgeour January 16, 2013

I'm so happy I found this recipe. It actually cuts and tastes like wheat bread. I also like that it uses flours with some nutritional density so I can feel better about having the occasional sandwich or slice of toast. I used an all-purpose flour that does contain brown rice flour and it was still very moist and tasty.

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Literarycookie November 23, 2012

I would give this recipe 10 stars if I could, thanks so much for sharing it!!!! For the plain flour I used a mix of brown rice and tapioca, I also used sorgham instead of the garfava flour. I substituted the water/ milk for soda water. Seriously it tastes like WHEAT bread, it was light enough that you can eat it for sandwiches as well as toasting it!!!! Soooo fresh and yummy!.....BTW we can eat gluten I'm making bread for a girlfriend and my gluten eating family LOVED it !! My search for the perfect GF bread is over......Thank you so much! Next time I make it I will convert the recipe to grams so I get a constant loaf of bread every time I bake it.

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sonia 101 January 23, 2012

I made this bread for the first time today but it colapsed a little bit on the bottom while it was cooling. I am not sure why, but it was good. Any sugestions?

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zzi_11288635 January 16, 2012

I really can't rate this to fairly since I did substitute Millet flour for the farfava flour since I didn't have any and other's recommended it and used gar gum per another reviewer. As others said, it did fall some in the middle when it came out. It does have a good bread like texture but I thought it had an aftertaste. I found out my GF flour had Tapioca starch in it which could explain that. Next time I think I'd bake it in a smaller pan so it raises more and instead of flattening it out in the pan will heap it up in the middle. Halfway through baking I brushed the top with melted butter as other GF breads I have made had such a hard crust. I guess the real test to see if the intolerant person will like it.

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BMac November 23, 2010
Gluten-Free Flax Bread