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Excellent recipe, thank you. I've made them once. My substitutions were:

Hemp milk & vanilla essence instead of vanilla flavored soy milk
Orgran No-Egg instead of eggs
Raisins & sultanas instead of the other dried fruit

The results were good. I was worried because the mixture prior to baking was nothing like a scone-mixture using wheat. It was far too wet to roll out and cut into scones. Instead, I spooned heaps into a scone cutter resting on the baking tray and then just lifted away the scone cutter, easy. The scones look great (just like the picture) and have the same texture I remember from wheat-based scones.

I also found them lacking sufficient sweetness for my taste. Next time, I will add some type of sweetener. Stevia might work well since the mixture doesn't need any additional bulking agent.

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BenRichardson August 26, 2012

These scones are excellent. I followed the recipe closely. I substituted almond milk for soy, and used 3 whole eggs. They were light and fluffy. Five out of five people in our household raved over them. Personally I would like them a little sweeter. Job well done on the scones.

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Gary's Creations August 08, 2009
Gluten Free /Dairy Free Millet Fruit Scones