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Where do I begin???? This cake is stupid-good! I'm gluten intolerant, but my husband is not. He insisted that I make him a birthday cake that I could eat and he loves chocolate. I was hesitant to try this - even after the other great reviews - but soooo glad I did.
I made a couple of additions, but NO changes to the cake recipe. I used the best cocoa - Callebut - I could find. Trust me on this one, the brand of cocoa you use makes a lot of difference. I added a raspberry sauce filling between the layers and iced it with a simple cocoa whipped cream and garnished with fresh raspberries. It was the best chocolate cake we have ever had.
An FYI to those baking this for the first time, TRUST the recipe! The batter seems too thick, gummy and gloppy (for lack of a better word) when you mix it and add it to your baking pans (I used two 9" rounds) and is hard to spread around the pans, but it bakes up perfectly. Thank you Gluten Free Mommy, this recipe is a treasure!

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clearisfullheart December 11, 2011

We "discovered" this recipe while looking for a gluten-free cake for my grandson's birthday. Now that I've had it, I can tell you there aren't enough stars to rate this highly enough. If I had to choose between this cake and a regular chocolate cake made with wheat flour, I would choose this one hands down, no contest--!!! This is one fantastic cake recipe. The texture is moist and dense and lusciously chocolate (it reminds me a little of the "Tasty Cake" cupcakes I grew up with, but even better), very "brownie-ish" for those brownie addicts among us. I think you can sub some of the flour varieties out pretty easily, especially the starchy ones like tapioca (I substituted potato starch for that one, since tapioca is made from yuca root, which is used like a potato in Central & South America). The recipe came together easily and pretty quickly. We do not even use a topping on this cake, as it is irresistible just as it is (however, for my grandson's special day we used a Cool Whip frosting made with chocolate pudding and a little less milk than the recipe called for). To be honest, we just weren't counting on everyone's wanting seconds and thirds the way they did!! We are not big on keeping sweets around the house, but I will admit we had to make this one again the next day for those who "didn't get enough" the first time around (it is awesome cold out of the refrig as well--had to cut it into bite-size "guiltless" chunks to keep it from disappearing within the hour). I would absolutely recommend this recipe to anyone, gluten-intolerant or not, it is just THAT GOOD!! Thanks, Gluten-free Mommy--I believe you are on the wave of the gluten-free future with this great recipe!

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mjerusha September 07, 2010

This cake was (and is) delicious! I have made this several times! My friends love it! The changes I did make are I used Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour instead of Sorhum Flour. I couldn't find Sorhum Flour but the All Purpose Flour has it in it. I also added more Cocoa for a deep chocolate flavor. I used a total of 1 1/2C. Cocoa and added 1C. Choc Chip!!Instead of Buttermilk I used 1 1/2C. Milk and added 1 1/2TBSP Lemon Juice (let set for 5 minutes) I used Butter Cream frosting (use 1/2 butter and 1/2 Crisco). This is the best chocolate cake recipe I have found. Highly recommended!! This is one I will make again and again!!

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mickey7kk July 25, 2009

Very nice recipe. I used 2 9" pans and the cakes turned out perfect (even at 7000 ft) with no alterations to the recipe. I then sliced each of the layers in half, to make a 4 layer German Chocolate Cake. I received many compliments. I can see this will become a stand by.

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slaintz July 21, 2008

Fantastic!!! I used Potato flour insead of sorghum because I had none available. Also I used unflavored gelatin instead of xanthan gum and I made soy buttermilk. You just add some lemon juice to the soymilk to make it "buttermilk". So this was dairy and gluten free for me. I made cupcakes for a birthday and I filled the muffin cups all the way to the top. I was suprised the cupcakes rose a little and looked like regular cupcakes. The kids LOVED them and you cant tell they are wheat and dairy free. A fantastic recipe that I will be sure to use again and again! Thanks!!

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FlamingoSushi February 03, 2008

Substituting coconut milk for buttermilk gave this cake a wonderful and distinct flavor. I covered it with whipped vanilla frosting and shredded coconut. Guest, gluten and gluten free alike, requested the recipe! Thanks Gluten Free Mommy!

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dszmimma November 20, 2011

This cake was delicious and pretty much foolproof. Not only did it rise beautifully and evenly but it tasted absolutely fantastic--not too sweet but delicate and chocolatey. This is absolutely the Best gluten free chocolate cake recipe you can find on the internet!

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849266 May 28, 2008

Wonderful recipe, easy to make. This cake was only my second attempt at gluten free baking. I baked it for a friends child who had been recently diagnosed as gluten intolerant. It passed the taste test of eight eleven year old boys. Recently I made it for our gluten-free support group and had many people ask for the recipe. I used 1 cup of rice flour and 1/2 cup of tapioca flour as I didn't have any sorghum flour. I also use quite a bit more cocoa than called for, 3-4 heaping tablespoons.

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Glutenfreenickis February 12, 2008

I turned this cake into a birthday cake, by cutting it in half. I layered it with chocolate mousse, and poured a chocolate ganache over top. It was outstanding. No one knew it was gluten-free until I told them.

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beckykellerstein August 25, 2007

This is better than regular cake by far, I have a friend who is allergic to everything (soy, wheat, gluten, corn, MSG, beans, and is sensitive to dairy). Her birthday is tricky since food and cake are difficult to achieve. I made this cake and everyone loved it, they were shocked at how delicious it was and that our friend could actually eat it. I followed the recipe and took some advice from the reviews, they were spot on. Whether you are a baker or just starting out I would recommend this recipe be one to try out.

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Clever Camo Cook January 25, 2015
Gluten Free Chocolate Cake