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served these with roasted red pepper dip and they went quick

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GingerlyJ March 21, 2010

Had a similar experience as Sandwichinwi. Super easy to make, and the dough was pretty easy to work with, but the taste wasn't all that great. I think I'd like them better if it were lighter on the chickpea flour, and had some onion and garlic powder added, maybe some herbs or soemthing. I did use 1/2 tsp of salt, didn't make much difference. Wasn't clear if the recipe was calling for whole flax seeds or flax seed meal - I'd recommend grinding them up for sure.

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magpie diner June 14, 2012

Eh. They were ok. They were definitely easy to make. So I'd give that part 5 stars. I had no trouble rolling them out with the plastic wrap. I greased a no-sides cookie sheet and stuck my plastic wrap to that. It was then easy to lay the baking sheet over and flip the whole thing. I used PC stoneware pans for baking and had no trouble with sticking. I dusted one with Tapioca Starch but did nothing to the other, well-seasoned pan. Both were fine. They had to bake MUCH longer than stated.

Taste-wise, they need at least twice the salt. I think they'd be great with onion or garlic powder in or sprinkled on. 2 stars for taste.

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Sandwichinwi June 06, 2012
Gluten Free Chickpea Crackers