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Amazing! I love, love, love rye bread! I'm Irish and the Reuben sandwich is one of my very favorite foods, but after going GF, I nearly cried having to give away my rye flour and thinking I would never get to eat rye bread again. I also use rye bread in my homemade stuffing for holidays and really, really missed it this year. I am over the moon happy now that I have a "rye bread" recipe that tastes just as good as a bread using rye flour! I reduced the recipe by half, which was easy except for the oil. After measuring and dividing the 1/3 cup of oil in the full recipe, I ended up using 3 Tablespoons in the half recipe. This loaf of bread is moist, dense and has a beautiful rye flavor that is definitely not over-powering. Even the "light only" rye lover in the house loves this bread. I wasn't able to bake this recipe with the baking stone and water, because I already had a slow-cooking recipe in the lower oven. I had to use the upper oven and there just isn't room for even the baking stone, but it baked up wonderfully anyway! Thanks for posting another awesome, forgot-that-it's-even-gluten-free bread recipe, Demelza!

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**Tinkerbell** January 22, 2011
Gluten-Free Caraway "rye" Dough