Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread

Total Time
1hr 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 1 hr

Taken from Super Food Ideas

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  1. Pre heat oven to 180 C.
  2. Grease 9 x 19 cms loaf tin.
  3. Sift flours, baking powder and salt into large bowl.
  4. stir in sugar.
  5. Lightly beat egg whites with electric mixer until just frothy.
  6. Stir in milk and oil and add to flour mixture.
  7. Beat 3 minutes until smooth.
  8. Pour mixture into prepared pan, smooth top.
  9. Press seeds lightly into mixture.
  10. Bake 55 - 60 minutes then stand 10 minutes.
  11. turn out to cool.
Most Helpful

I reduce the oil to 1/4 cup and increase the baking temp to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (for the same amount of time). This gives me a crisper crust, and an inside that is less mushy. I also finally found a smaller than standard loaf pan here in the states (a regular 9x5 is way too big), and then I slice and freeze whatever I'm not using that day. It defrosts in the microwave well if I'm in a hurry. My recipe now has lots of modifications but I give this 4 stars because it was a great base for me to get started with! (Note, I have found that what kind of gluten free flour you use makes a huge difference in the moisture content and texture, so my changes might not work at all well for you, but if you try this with your flours and you need to reduce the moisture content, maybe this will help.)

Chrishanna October 23, 2010

I baked this today and it did not turn out well. The batter seemed very dry. I added a little more milk but it came out dry and cumbly. It did not rise either. I used almond milk and Robin Hood Gluten free bread. Could either if these be the problem???

Lorraine H. September 14, 2015

I was pleasantly surprised at how this turned out. I am still experimenting with gluten-free baked goods and don't like the flavor that GF flour blends made with soy flour leaves in some things. But the buckwheat covers that flavor without overpowering. This is NOT a sweet quick bread, but more of a toast or sandwich bread. I made half the recipe and baked it in a mini pan. The only thing I would change, is to put the sesame seeds IN the batter instead of on top. I will be making this again!

Outta Here May 11, 2011