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The first attempt to make these muffins took a lot of trial and error, and the end result was rather acceptable. The second attempt was superb, but some modifications had to be made in order to have this recipe work properly:<br/><br/>? The total amount of milk to add is 1 ½ cup. Adding only ½ cup makes the mixture extremely thick and unmanageable.<br/>? Make sure to include the baking powder in the flour mixture (all dry ingredients together).<br/>? At 375°F, it takes 35 minutes to fully cook.<br/><br/>The muffins will feel very soft and undercooked after you take the tray off the oven. Do not despair, they will shape up and amalgamate after 10 minutes. They are well worth the work and effort put into them.

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xredliner March 14, 2013
Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins