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I really wanted this recipe to work for me. I have been on a search for a great GF beer bread (since I had some in my fridge). I attempted to make this bread twice... both ended up in the compost bin. I used the exact ingredients and followed the directions as stated. The first loaf ended up really dense and sticky. I figured that it hadn't cooked for nearly enough time. I made the second loaf and it looked beautiful until I cut it open. There was a huge hollow at the top and all the bread dough was compressed into a sticky dense brick at the bottom. I still decided to taste it and it was just awful. Sorry, It just did not work for me.

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Chef Doopy June 21, 2014

Okay texture is excellent. But I am not sure if I mixed it as well as maybe I should of. There is a strong taste of baking powder. A little bitter. It seems the baking powder taste is only in the crust though. If I cut the top crust off, its excellent. If anyone has any suggestions on what I did wrong let me know. Or is there away to lessen the amount of baking powder and replace it with something else? Help.

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lshinosky November 08, 2011

Hello BadgerLuv: this was a very good bread. I am new to gluten-free baking. Wanted a beer bread to go with French Tart's Irish Rarebit (#408833). This is basically a cheese sauce. The bread had great crumb, nice texture, held up under the cheese sauce. I did not have your individual flours, so used Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free flour in equivalent volume to replace. worked very well. REduced sugar to 2 T. but will reduce even further next time as was still a little sweet for us. Probably not 100% gluten-free as I used Miller beer--all we had. Will look for gluten-free. Oh-was great as toast and honey for dessert as well! Thank you very much Judy in WA

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godbreathed01 February 25, 2010
Gluten Free Beer Bread