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*Reviewed for Read, Set Cook! #10 Contest* This was a wonderful gluten free cake- delicious taste and wonderfully moist. Very quick and easy to make. Straightforward instructions that were well written.Used 5 apples for this recipe. A great change from carrot cake. The pecans and spices were a great addition to this cake. Will definitely make again. Thanks for sharing a great recipe. It was great to see a gluten-free recipe submitted for the competition. Photo to be posted later.

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**Jubes** August 24, 2007

I have a friend who can not consume any gluten so I thought I would make this for her. I borrowed some of her GF flour since it is quite a bit more pricey that reg. flour here. I never worked with this type of baking mix before, but it acted and came out just like a regular cake. I don't like rasins so I picked them out of mine, but eveyrone else really enjoyed this cake. And the frosting is a bit too sweet for me, all the other who ate this really enjoyed it as well. Next time I might add a bit of nutmeg to the batter. Excellent cake

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anme August 25, 2007

This was Yummy! You would not know that this was a gluten free recipe it was very moist. I did omit the raisins because I knew my crew would like them added in. I will definately make this one again, thanks for a wonderful recipe!

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DownHomeDinner November 03, 2011
Gluten Free Apple Pecan Cake