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Truly a DANGEROUSLY delicious cake! Moist, divine, heavenly! My modifications: Instead of 4 T. sweet rice flour & 4 T. sugar I used 4 T. "Gluten-Free Pantry Old Fashioned cake & cookie mix". I substituted 2 T. carob powder instead of cocoa powder. I used 2 T. heavy cream & 1 T. water in place of milk a few times. Used 3 T. carob chips instead of choc. chips (try sprinkling them on top after mixing batter--they tend to sink to the bottom of mug). Our microwave took 2mins. & 15 secs. This is excellent with vanilla ice cream! The ice cream cools off cake so you can eat it immediately! This is so good, I usually say if the world ended today after I ate this cake, I'd be okay with it!

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goyette4 September 13, 2009

Super easy and fun to make! Texture is not as good as oven baked, but it still gets 5 stars because it is great for something made in the microwave. It remained surprisingly moist, nicely sweet, and tasty. Too much for one person, though. For a 1500 watt microwave, try cooking for 2:22. Next time I'll try adding some peppermint oil for a peppermint cake. Would also be fun to add in sprinkles, marshmallows, cinnamon candies etc.

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francoroni May 15, 2009

Texture was what you'd expect from a microwaved "baked" product. Super easy to make. I think that it needs some salt. I might try it again with some salt to see if that makes it better. Great idea, though.

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lisann09 March 21, 2009

We did this with regular white flour, but either way it is good and really fun -- great for kids to make!

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Spicy Gal March 06, 2009

If you like rubbery tasteless cakes then this is good... We not impressed. Sorry. The texture is nothing like cake.

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razzintaz February 26, 2012

Easy Easy. It's tasty but don't overcook.

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T-nini August 31, 2009

Wonderful cake. I have made it a few times. I like the sweet rice flour version but it comes out a bit too gummy unless I did something wrong. I tried substituting a tablespoon of garfava flour for one of the sweet rice flour and it came out more spongy in texture. I also decreased the oil to 2Tablspoons and increased the milk to 4 Tablespoon. Now I think it's really great especially with some whip cream. It is wonderful to get a cake in 5 minutes especially since I live in a small town with no gf bakeries or supermarket selections. One more note to add my cake was done in 2 min in 1000 watt oven maybe that is why the first cake came out gummy.

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3RiversCook April 14, 2014

Midnight craving for a chocolate cake? Here it is. Granted I added 2 more tablespoons of rice flour, an extra tablespoon of milk (I used a pumpkin spice latte from Bolthouse), I didn't have sugar and instead used 1 tablespoon honey and only 1.5 tablespoon oil. <br/>I also cooked it in the toaster oven as I don't own a microwave. Certainly not a full, fluffy, flour based cake, but damn it will satisfy that craving in very few bites. It is dense and delicious.<br/>Oh, the chips I used was about 1.5 oz of a bar of dark chocolate with chili broken into small pieces.<br/>Overall my alterations made this still a delicious, needing a serious chocolate fix after a few solitary glasses of wine type of cake. Even though it was dense and not as moist as it could be due to my adding more flour and my approximated cooking time in a toaster oven that doesn't quite cook at anything less that 400°, I still enjoyed it and printed the recipe to use again. You could easily say this one is a fail safe.<br/>It would pair very well with a nice vanilla gelato and a lover to share it with after you've finished a bottle or two of wine after dinner.<br/>Cheers friends!

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Kimberly A. October 23, 2013
Gluten Free 5 Minute Chocolate Cake in a Mug!