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This clearly is the best gf multi grain bread I have tried yet! It may be a little cakey, yes, but that's much better than crumbly, after all... and it tastes sooo good!! As I don't find sorghum flour here in Germany, I tried millet flour instead, and it worked very well. Also I substituted the tapioca starch with half the amount (1/8 cup) cornstarch which turned out all right. Thanks a lot for posting this, it will be my all-purpose-bread now!

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Mia in Germany July 30, 2008

This is just the best gf bread that I have tasted! I first made it back in February when I was diagnosed but had to substitute some ingredients so didn't feel comfortable about reviewing until I was able to source the listed ingredients. Unlike other gf breads this recipe doesn't shrink or taste like mushy rice. I was thrilled that my butter and fake Vegemite didn't slide right of my toasted slice!! I followed the recipe as written (and used the tip of putting the loaf in the microwave over a bowl of boiling water). Although it seems like a long list of ingredients the recipe comes together quickly and makes a beautiful loaf full of goodness and taste. I will be making this loaf a lot! Thanks so much for posting :)

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Fairy Nuff August 07, 2009

My first gf bread success. It looks, smells, and tastes like real bread...really good bread. I had to punch it down (in gf terms that means punch it down and then scrape it off your fingers and hands and scrape it back in the pan) and let it rise another 40 minutes. And I still find it a bit...just a bit cakey. I wonder about leaving, say, the sunflowers whole rather than powdered? And when I punched it down, the sesame seeds that were on top became incorporated, which ended up being nice...and I put more on top. Thank you. Feels almost normal around here, culinarily speaking.

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maxineq February 23, 2008
Gluten Free 5 Grain Bread